February 14th, 2008


Office Depot

So tonight I'm out shopping around, pricing printers before actually going to buy one and I remember a new Office Depot that opened. It's about 8:20 at night, they close at Nine and I'm the only customer in the store.

I look at the printers and find one for a price that I like, I check the what kind of ink cartridges it needs and go to price them. I see a sign saying buy three and get some kind of program for your comp free. I am curious as to what it is and I am going to have to have ink anyway so I begin to look around for a sales person.

No one at register, the two guys that were on the floor when I was looking at printers have poofed and I'll also add that I had been in the store about fifteen min at that time and no one had once asked me if I needed help or anything.

I walk around for a few more moments, holding the printer that I was going to buy because if I could have found someone I was just going to check out and forget asking about the ink. I go past the area of the office furniture and there are all the floor sales people, four of them sitting around talking and laughing. Two of them look directly at me and then turn back to their conversation with the others.

I just shake my head and put the printer back. As I am leaving there is someone at the front finally but they are in the ordering area and just look at me as head out. The time when I get into my car says ten till nine. I was in that store for almost thirty min and out of six workers, no one spoke at all to me and I was the only person in there the whole time.

I am going back in the morning and complain to the manager.
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Update to this post from yesterday:


I spoke with the store manager a few hours ago.

Her response? "Oh hell no."

To make a long discussion short, apparently this is far from the first complaint she's received about this particular sales associate. She didn't care if they were busy or not, she should have taken the time to check my ring. Her suspicions where the same as some of the people that commented on my last post, she was afraid she was going to miss out on commission.

From what the manager said, I don't think I'll be seeing this woman there anymore. She isn't new, she's just an ass. Apparently if she doesn't believe she's going to sell anything, she won't deal with those customers.

The manager knows I'm busy and that I took my free time to do this. (2 jobs, school, family, cats) She said that since the woman was rude to me, if I can't make it in before the end of the month, and something happens to my ring before I can get it checked, she'll be sure to push it through on warranty anyway.
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Small Joanne's Suck

This happened a couple of days ago, and I felt the need to vent about it.

I went to Joanne Fabrics to pick up some of their on sale holiday fabrics and a few little stock items - buttons, zippers, thread, etc. I got my fabric and headed back to the cutting counter. I was just running to Joanne's, and I've been feeling under the weather, so I just threw on a big gray sweatshirt, jeans and old comfy sneakers. I wasn't wearing any makeup, and I'd just pulled my hair back into a messy ponytail after my shower and left it. It was just one of those days. (Yes, this is relevant.)

Anyway, there was only woman cutting fabrics and I was the only customer at the cutting counter. I figured things would go quickly. The woman gave me a look when I came up, and started talking to me. I was only half paying attention, as she was complaining about other coworkers or something like that. I gave her the bolts of fabric and she looked at them, and looked at me with a sort of funny expression, and asked what I was going to use them for. Pretty standard question, I think everyone who cuts fabric at Joanne's asks everyone that. I told her I was making some skirts, and that that was the majority of what I make. She looked at the fabric again - cutesy Valentine prints and the like - and looked me over with a sort of disbelieving expression before asking me in a condescending voice:

"And do you actually wear these skirts, or do you just make them?"

Forgive me for not dolling myself up to run to the fabric store real quick to grab some necessities and take advantage of a sale while I was there. Maybe it's not a big deal, but it was her tone and the way she looked at me that was just so judgmental that it irked me for the rest of the day.

(And I also consider bitching to a random stranger about your coworkers pretty poor service, too.)