February 12th, 2008

An example of good customer service vs bad

This summer I went to Orlando Florida.  Because my parents had free tickets, we all went on different airlines.  My mom used Alaska Airlines and had no trouble with one layover in Seattle.  My dad went Delta with one stop in SLC.  I went American Airlines with two stops one in Portland and one in Dallas.

It should be mentioned this was June 25th and Dallas was having horrible rain.  Also June 25th just sucked for a whole different reason.  See display picture.

I spent about 20 hours in airports, airplanes, and tarmacs and got into Orlando at 3:45 AM instead of 10:00 PM.  But it was all good because I got to Orlando.  My dad on the other hand missed his flight to Orlando and was rerouted to SF and then spent the night in an airport in Atlanta before arriving at the motel we were staying at at 2:00 PM.  Delta didn't do a thing to really help my dad so IMO bad customer service.

Here's the good customer service.

On the way back I was worried about flooding and called the airlines and they said the best they could do was get me out on Saturday but I decided that wouldn't work since I had a ticket for Tony Orlando that night.  So anyway I get to the airport with my mom (my dad wasn't leaving till Wednesday).  I see my plane's going to leave on time so my mom goes on her way to her gate while I sit there.  I look at my watch and see that my plane should have been loading by now.  I get up and see there's a 2 hour delay.  I was like: No!  I'm going to miss my flight.

I get in the long line and when I get up there they see that I definitely will not make my flight.  I mentioned I have to be at work the next day so I can't spend the night in Dallas.  There are no other planes going that route on AA.  So they look on United and find me a way home with a layover in Denver.  I also notice from Denver to Medford I'm going to go first class!  I then see I have 6 hours before my plane leaves.  So I'm like no rush.  Funny thing was that my plane only got in an hour and a half latler then it would have.

Sitting in Orlando watching the Nanny eps (the dvd I had in my carryon) for 6 hours wasn't fun or walking the long distance between gates in Denver but I tell you AA gave me such great customer service and who doesn't like to go first class where they treat you like there's no one else on the plane?

Delta wouldn't do any of that for my dad either way and he vows to never use Delta again.  I learned never to go through Dallas again.
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Maybe it's petty but...

I work in a mall, so some of the food venders in the mall will give you a discount if you show evidence you work in the mall (lanyard from your store, IDs, headsets, uniforms, etc). Which is super nice of them. Sbarro's, especially. The manager there is nice enough to give free small fountain drinks if you have a Sbarro's cup. So I'll go there once or twice a shift, get my drink, and get the caffine needed to complete my shift.

A few weeks ago, the assistant manager there told me the policy has changed. Now I'd be charged the price of the drink once every five drinks. That still seemed completely reasonable. But the policy was infrequent. He'd charge maybe once every three drinks, or once every seven, he'd over or under charge me (two dollars one day, a dollar fifty another). I had no idea what he was doing, but it was the cheapest place in the mall to get a drink.

I go back a few days ago and one of the girls there tries to charge me two dollars. I had just paid the day before, so I'm confused and tell her "but I paid yesterday?". She blinked at me and said no one had told her, and grabbed the manager. I told him what the assistant manager told me, and he was shocked. They had no "five drink" policy. He told me the assistant manager had just been fired for stealing, and assumes he was charging me just to pocket the money.

FUCK. That's about ten or fifteen dollars I'll never see again. And if he did it to all the mall people that flock there for drinks, he probably made a really pretty penny by scamming all of us.
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