February 11th, 2008


Please just.. take me off of your list...

A bit of background on me - I'm a 22 year old legal assisting major working a minimum wage part-time job in inbound sales - you call me. I have a car I bought used last year. And Im really, really broke (all my money pretty much goes to my credit card bill and my car payment).

So I've been getting those calls that we all know and love, the ones that tell you to call NOW because the warrenty is going to be expire on your vehicle, for months now. Every time I get one, I request to speak to a representative and politely ask to be taken off the list. Ive gotten everything from pleasent "Ok!" to note quite so pleasent hang-ups to really rude "It takes a month for the system to process it and you should see about being put on the national do-not-call list" *click*. Um yea. Its been over a month, Im on the do-not-call list already, and please not to be hanging up on me.

So I get a call today, yet another insistance that I should repay my credit card bill... and boy oh boy, did this one take the cake.

Guy: Thank you for holding, may I have the year, make, and model of your vehicle?
Me: Actually, I would just like to be taken off your list, please.
Guy: Ma'am, do you know what this call is about?
Me: Um.. it's to extend the warranty on my car?
Guy: Yes, to extend the warranty on your vehicle or to purchase a new one of it already expired. Otherwise you'll have huge costs for repairs.
Me:I'm sorry, I'm a college student and I really can't afford it right now.
Guy: If you can't afford this, how would you be able to afford repair costs on your vehicle? We do have payment plan options...
Me: (at this point I am being a bit rude, but can't this guy just get the picture?) I can't even afford to pay for the car (not all that far from the truth) and I want off your list.
Guy: All right ma'am, I just have one more question before we finish: If you can't even afford the car, what makes you think that you will be able to afford the repairs it may need?
Me: Take me off your list.
Guy: Alright *click*

1. I am a suspicious person. I am not going to spend what will likely be a lot of money on a warranty on my car from a company that called me and never once stated thier name, not on the recording or anything else I heard.
2. Every job I have ever had has been in customer service. If I had ever ignored what a customer wanted, especially if it was making them angry, I would have been fired, or at least reprimanded for not being empathetic. Your whole "If you can't afford this, how can you afford repairs?" thing is not helping you. If you really wanted me to buy your product, I would think that it would be better to say "I can understand that, ma'am. However, if you would give me a moment of your time, I can explain different payment options, and maybe we can find something that will work for you."
3. No, I can't afford repairs. Im taking good care of my car now, in hopes that it won't need any major repairs until I graduate from college and get a job with a law firm.
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My own personal...

Someone on the other group pointed me here so I deleted my post there and am moving it here.

There is this place called Rays Food Place.  I'm not sure how far that franchise goes and every Ray's I've been in has the worst Customer Service.  I've seen them open up registers just for an employee and cop an attitude for me joining that line.  I'm sorry but the other line is way back.

Also they always only have one cashier.  Why not have at least 2 or before the line goes out the store?

Why is it that they never help the next person in line when the register is open when A. they either have a basket that can easily be picked up or B. Have like a couple of items that can easily be gathered?  Course this is why I refuse to go to Winco and love stores with self check out :).

I did have another employee say: It's not my business to tell them to call in another cashier  when I was asking why they weren't calling any more (okay I did a customer suck on that one)

Ticket Master: I had to talk to 3 different people just to exchange a ticket that said if you want to exchange the ticket for a better seat bring the ticket to the place you bought it (Email).  All I was doing was trying to correct my cellphone number.  *sighs* I don't like to be in tears thanks :).  I'm on the west coast, I spent a lot of gas going back and forth and did get the exact seat I wanted and apologized to the poor woman who had to see me three times that day :).  
peacefully ever after


A few months ago, my fantastic boyfriend bought me a set of spa visits. It was a fantastic "too good to pass this up" 4 visits for $60. Unfortunately, right after he bought it for me, my life became crazy hectic, and the little gift card thing was lost. I found it while cleaning the other day. I checked and lo and behold, no expiration date. Yay! Work has been a 7th level of hell full of 13 hr shifts, so a spa visit was exactly what I needed.

I called today to set up a visit. They denied it!

The deal was set up by a 3rd party company which has since gone out of business, so the spa itself decided to stop honoring the gift cards. It's not like a coupon. The thing is bought and paid for. They just won't let me come. Instead, they graciously offered me a "deal" for a one hour facial for $100. Almost double the price for 1/4 the value? I think not.

Sales lady suggested I contact the original (out of business) company and ask for my money back. Somehow, I doubt it is going to work. We're out $60, and I don't get my facial. :(