February 9th, 2008

  • kisarax

Dear Taco Man.

When I ask you to put on gloves and remake my tacos in a nice way please do it. Do not give me this "WELL FUCK YOU TOO" look. I did not kill your kitten by asking you this.

I saw you use your bare hands to make my tacos, and then proceed to take my money. I don't know how many times you already had done that today, and or if you had washed your hands at all. I don't want your germs in my food.

You also wouldn't shut up with the raunchy conversation you were having with your co-worker while I was there. SHUT UP FOR 5 MINUTES THE CONVERSATION WILL STILL BE THERE AFTER THERE IS NO CUSTOMERS.

THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY. I hate when stores have just shift leaders running the store until the manager's can get their happy asses up for the day. I would have gone to the manager, but no manager there!
(Shift leader was the guy who I had the issue with. )