February 8th, 2008

Pharmacy Woes..part 2


I went to the same pharmacy again today to pick up the husband's medicine. I spent another 25 minutes in line (after waiting 20 minutes for it to be filled). The same bitchy cashier was there. The pharmacist, a tech, and her decided to stop waiting on customers to have a 5 minute conversation. That pissed me and the other people off.

I get to chatting with the people behind me, and I mentioned the fact that I wish the regular pharmacist, J, would come back. Turns out, J left to go work in a hospital pharmacy. Ok..that's the last straw. He was pretty much the only reason why I continued to use that pharmacy.

I also find out that they are in the beginning phases of building a Walgreens in our town. Yay. I'm so switching pharmacies.
Patrick Wolf
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There's a million posts on customers_suck that mentions how annoying it is when customers are on the phone whilst ordering right.

Today, it was the other way for me.

I was halfway through ordering some chips when a mobile phone rings. The guy serving me took the phone out of his pocket, answers it and was all "OH HAY MATE WASSUP".
I was so flabbergasted that I just left.

Just to make it a bit clearer. One, this guy isn't the manager (I've talked to the manager a few times, nice guy), and two, it's not the company phone. It was a mobile phone with an interchangable covers, so obviously his.