February 4th, 2008

Pizza Hut..you suck.

Last night my friends and I wanted to order pizza. I know it was Super Bowl Sunday, so we were prepared to wait.

My friend got out her coupons and found a 1 topping, order of cheese sticks, and a 2 liter for $14.99. She called for delivery, placed our order, and got the total.

It was 24 fucking bucks!

Excuse me!? Ah hell no. 14.99 + tax + $3.65 delivery charge (I didn't find out the delivery charge amount until today) does not equal $24! She asked him why it was so much and he tried to tell her that it was the delivery fee and tax. She asked if he had the right coupon entered and he said he did...whether we believe him or not is a whole other story. She asked to talk to a manager and he said that one wasn't on (bullshit. One of the busiest days of the year and no manager!?)

Eff that. We canceled the order and I ended up going to Little Caesar's. I started my trip counter when I left. Pizza Hut is 1 block away from the Little Caesar's. Both are less than a mile from her house.

So yeah, we're never ordering from there again. I'll stick with the Pizza Hut in my town. (Yay free bread sticks).

Oh yeah...Mediacom!

In my town, the only cable provider is Mediacom.

Last week we had some crazy weather. We had a decent storm last Tuesday with some heller high winds.

After the storm (I was at work), the husband calls and asks me how to get our cable internet to work. I tell him how to reset the modem and the router. He tells me that it isn't working and the cable tv is jacked up. We don't get half our channels and the ones we do get are fuzzy.

We decide to wait it out and figure that something is just messed up because of the storm. No biggie. Wednesday, I get home from class and things are still messed up. I decide to call. The automated recording tells me there isn't an outage reported in my area.

After a couple of minutes, I get to speak to a CSR. I explain the situation and she tells me she'll put in a work order. (This is partially my fault, I didn't ask when the tech would be coming).

About an hour later, I leave. When my husband got home (around 5) he told me that there was a note on the door from Mediacom. (I'm wowed by how fast they got a tech out there..so that's some good service). The note said that he checked the lines going into our house and they were fine.

However, our cable is still jacked up. We let it go until Friday. Husband calls Mediacom again. The CSR told him the same thing the note said. Despite the tech "checking" the lines, our stuff is still messed up. The CSR tells him the soonest she can have a tech out is this coming Friday. Great.

Yesterday we were finally fed up with it. After the husband gets off work, he goes outside with some extra cable wire and replaces the line going from the splitter into the living room. He goes back inside, turns the tv on. Holy shit. Our cable is in perfect working order. He reset the modem and the router. Holy shit. Our internet works.

I haven't called them yet today to cancel our work order for Friday, but you can bet they are going to get an earful. There is no way in hell that the first tech checked the lines.
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Small ancient suck;

When I was about 12 (I'm 19 now) I had a real thing for bubblegum.  One day, in my lunchbreak, I went to the shops nearby to stock up.  I was buying about fifteen packs of bubblegum.

Because the shop was so close to the school, a lot of my classmates were around.  One of them (who I only vaguely knew by sight) reached over me, grabbed one of my packets of bubblegum and then ran out of the shop.  Rather than chase her, I just picked up another packet and added it to the pile.  The shop assistant then added another packet of bubblegum to my total.  When I asked why I was being charged for someone else's shoplifting, she said "you'll have to take that up with her".

I did buy the bubblegum in the end (I was a shy and retiring little pre-teen), and someone eventually forced the girl to give the packet back.   Nowadays, I'd refuse to buy anything; someone else steals something, she sees who it was, and then charges another customer for it? o_O

I also figured out later that she'd charged me too much for each packet of bubblegum - 17p rather than 15p.  Fortunately, she couldn't count, so she'd charged me for less packets than I had anyway; worked out about even.
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follow up posting

This is the result post to the last post I made about my bad professor in college. You can read it here. The summary is that it's a class all majors need to take, but it's rarely offered. I need it to graduate. She talks about her kid all class and we don't get anything done, and she quizzes us on stuff she nevered covered and stuff the book never covered. We approached her and she told us "too bad, so sad" essentialy.

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Hamburger woes

Background story: I am a college student. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I wake up at 7 to shower, get dressed ad pretty, and get to school from 9 am until 12pm. Before school, I either have a fruit shake or nothing at all. i don't eat heavily at night; my biggest deal of the day is lunch. Not healthy, I know, but when you're on a budget and on the move, it can be hard.

I got out of math early today and decided to hit up the cafeteria before work. Since i was only working a five hour shirt, I wouldn't have time to actually get any food to -eat- until after my shift. That would be eight hours, from waking up till night, without any sort of food. I was hungry. I got a double bacon cheeseburger and a bottle of water.

The lady cashing me out looked down and she laughed. "SOMEONE missed dinner last night. A little early to be eating like that?"

I know it's really minor and maybe shouldn't be posted here but.. I've been trying to loose weight for a while now. Having people tell me I'm eating too much or badly (and all thing conidering, this was NOT the worst way to eat) or commenting on how it's too early or that I SHOULDN'T eat like that upsets me. I almost started crying and just paid and walked away. I ate my lunch in the corner, avoiding peoples eyes.

It just... really upset me. She wasn't mean or anything, just rude. Why would you say that? It was just one hamburger and a bottle of water. It wasn't like I was getting a tray full of food, full of candy bars or soda or anything. I don't like feeling guilty about eating.
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