February 3rd, 2008



Yes, our postman did it again.

I feel the need to express something. Yes, I know this is their right but sometimes I wonder if they do this just to get on people's nerves.

My husband is currently holding a pink card for a certified letter. I could understand if this was a one time or even a few time thing but it is getting old.

Every single time we have a certified letter, he just leaves the pink card in our mailbox and leaves. ( I can recall I know of over ten seperate times he has done this)

He never knocks on the door, never attempts to deliver it.

I kid you not, in the going on six years I have lived in this apartment with my husband, he has never once delivered our certified mail. Only the slips.

The only way we get our certified letters is

a) if we happen to be out there when he delivers the mail


b) go and get the letters from the post office.

The problem I see is this...

It would take him less than a minute to walk from our mailbox to where our apartment is located. I have timed this doing the walking myself.

Second problem.. He delivers on Penny Royal Court which is the road that connects to our driveway that has about twenty mailboxes in a row for the tralier park across from us. He could drive his truck up to our apartment from that.

We can always tell when it is our normal mail carrier because of the way it is handled. If it is a sub mail carrier, they always deliver.

It isn't just letters that get this treatment, it is also our packages, he either just leaves them outside, not trying to knock or just leaves the pink card in the mailbox. If we have letters marked "Do not bend" he bends them anyways and jams them into our mailbox. He also has a habit of hiding these pink cards in the junk mail. Not in the fold of the sales ads but in between the sales ads themselves.

I understand as I stated this is their right but don't we have rights as mail receivers to be treated better?

Tomorrow when we go to the post office to get the certified letter, I am thinking about talking to the manager about his actions. Like I said, I could overlook a few times but every single time since we lived here?

Can anyone give me advice on how to approach the manager about this?
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OSU Medical Center

Bit o'backstory: My best friend is(was) pregnant, and delivered a healthy baby boy last night. The following story is from friday afternoon.

Dear Ultrasound Tech:

You are dealing with a woman who is 38 weeks, 4 days pregnant. She was told an hour ago that the ultrasound she got that morning might point to heart problems (*note* everything turned out to be fine), and she is understandably freaked out. She also got a call that morning that her grandma is on her deathbed. Even if she was in perfect health, you may not:

1.) Ask her "What on earth are you in here for anyway? You don't need another ultrasound. Are you just trying to get attention?" Her doctor scheduled it, not her. She's not even sure what they think is wrong.

2.) Accuse her of smoking because the weight measures low, and then berate her when she said yes. Yes, she did smoke...UNTIL SHE FOUND OUT SHE WAS PREGNANT! She quit cold turkey at that point.

3.) Tell her mother that it's all her fault because she set a bad example for her child by smoking herself.

4.) Tell the pregnant woman that she's going into labor (she wasn't for another 24 hours).

5.) Push so hard on the belly with the ultrasound wand that you make her cry, then call her a wuss, and tell her that labor's going to be so much worse, she better get used to pain.

6.) When the sister calls and says that grandma's looking worse, and if the mother wants to say goodbye, she needs to come now, do not tell the mother:
a.) If she leaves now, she'll miss the birth of her grandchild
b.) That as a tech, she can't even assure the mother whether or not the baby is fine. Yes, I understand that she may be right on that account, but you've been handing out all sorts of advice/negative comments, you can't even reassure them that everything's okay?

The entire tone of the lady was just...rude. Pregnancy is supposed to be a happy time, and every other appointment has been smooth and professional. The one time they fear that something's wrong, they get the Ultrasound Tech from Hell. Everything turned out to be fine with the baby (they couldn't get a good view of the heart on the ultrasound that morning, hence the emergency one later that day), but grandma did end up passing away later that evening. And of course, my friend actually went into labor 12 hours later, so no official complaint's been filed yet. As soon as she gets out of the hospital though, she's writing a letter to the office.
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Hi there-- a bit of a WTF from my university dining hall.

In our dining hall, the staff scoop your ice cream for you; this is apparently also unusual, but it's not the point of this post.

The point is: a group of us were at brunch yesterday, and my friend went to get a bowl of ice cream. She came back in a few minutes and reported that "wow, the new lunch lady is really bitchy."

Apparently, when the new lady handed my friend her ice cream, another dining worker told the new lady "You gave her too much."

To which the new woman replied: "Yeah, I know. I'm trying to make their stomachs hurt so they won't keep coming back here."

. . . what the hell?

(I don't know what the rules are on hearsay in this comm, so I'll freely delete this if it doesn't count; it just confused the crap out of all of us.)