January 31st, 2008


This is not my day

A little backstory: I'm originally from NJ, but I'm in Pittsburgh for college. I'm in the process of getting a new bank account because Bank of America doesn't exist past central PA, apparently.

I have an in class tie-dyeing project coming up and I need supplies. My mom is kind of flaky and has forgotten to transfer some money from her account to mine. Her bank is closed and my bank takes 3 days for an online transfer from a different bank so we decide to use Western Union. She calls me around 7:30 PM to let me know it's done. My roommate (C from now on) and I was walk about a block to the convenience store and ... the door's locked. The lights are on, giant neon "OPEN" sign is still on the posted hours say they close at 10. Okay, C wants some Pita Pit so we decided to check the store on the way back. We sit for about ten minutes and talk to the nice police officers on their break and then head back. This time there's a guy in the store so I pull on the door handle but alas, it's still locked. The guy notices me, walks over but doesn't open the door, just talks to me through the glass:

Me: Hi, are you open? Your sign is still on.
Him: No we're closed. Go now.
Me: Uh, ok. Will you be opening back up? (*Sometime the stores will lock the doors for a couple of minutes to count money and whatnot without being interrupted.*)
Him: No, we're closed. GO NOW!

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