January 28th, 2008


I AM REALLY NOT HAPPY (with the Travelodge)

Tonight I get great news that my bf will fly to see me for 2 weeks in late March and early April. I immediately begin booking hotels and things to do! I research each place carefully or go back to some that I know are reputable places. Each place treated me well and was all to happy to have my business ...EXCEPT FOR ONE or so it appeared. I looked at my confirmation on Travelodge of Pensacola FL. *Scratching head here* "Gee I thought it had a Wet Bar, let me look at the web again" Search search search, yeah it does, but it does not say it on the confirmation and no mention of a Garden Tub. Hmm. Wonder if I got the wrong room by accident says I to myself. I have the confirmation number handy and call the property. I will just check and if I made the wrong room reservation which is possible I can just change it, no big issue I did it for people when I worked at a hotel once.
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so hey! Bad service. Last October-ish I went to the ER with severe abdominal pain. It's a long story on that one, which doesn't really come into play.

I did the whole "pee-in-a-cup" thing, and the doc said I had a UTI. Joy! Wasn't too bad, I had no symptoms, so life was okay, since I got antibiotics - Bactrim, specifically.

I found out yesterday that Bactrim is also called Septra. Something I'm ALLERGIC to. Which would explain why I felt so bad the next few days. UGH UGH UGH.

sucktastic. I'm glad it wasn't something like keflex, which would have killed me.
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A recent post about medication mix-ups in the ER reminded me of an ER trip I took last year.

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And thus ends my (tl;dr) ER trip from hell. I called member services the next week, when I could sit and stand on my own, and gave them a full account and asked that they please reiterate to their doctors that ignoring known allergies is not the way to practice medicine.
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DMV - You, Clerk A, SUCK!

I may have posted this before but I don't think so. Another post reminded me of it.

About four years ago I moved to a new state. I went to the DMV to see about getting my drivers license switched to the new state. I pick up the form that tells me I need x number of ID's and I need to show proof of residency and pay my residency tax.

I get the info together and head back to the DMV the next week. There are two rooms and not very informative signs indicating where to go for what. One room is large with a large line and is obviously for drivers licenses. The other room is smaller, has two clerks working at open windows (old style place with about five windows that had solid wood shutters with two of the windows open - this is important later on).

Not being an idiot, knowing that I need to show proof of residency and pay the town residency tax BEFORE I try to get my new license I go to the smaller room (a sign did sate this was where you should pay taxes etc.).

I wait in line and when I get to clerk A I tell her I need to pay my residency tax so I can get my license. She tells me I'm in the wrong line and need to go to the other room. No big deal, I had been guessing anyway so off I go to the much longer line.

I get to the front there and a nice lady informs me that I can't get my new license until I show proof of residency and pay my residency tax in the other room first. I explain what happened and she tells me she doesn't know why they would have sent me to her first but that I should go ahead and pay the tax and when I come back just to come up to her instead of waiting in line.

Off I go back to the first room I was in. I go up to clerk A as soon as she is finished with the person she is currently helping and explain what happened...

Clerk A: You have to wait in line.
Me: I'm not sure if you understand...I already waited in line. You told me to go to the other room.
Clerk A: You have to wait in line.
Me: Yes, as I said, I waited in line. Now I need you to take my tax money so I can get my license.
Clerk A: You have to wait in line.
Me: (thinking she must be a robot) I waited in this line. I came up to your window. You told me to go somewhere else where I waited in another line. Turns out you were wrong about sending me to the other place. Now you want me to wait this line a second time?
Clerk A: You have to wait in line.
Me: OK, just so we are clear on this...I have to wait in line.

There were only about three people so I waited in line. I get to the head of the que about ten minutes later. Clerk A finishes with her current customer. Clerk A looks up and is about to call for the next person when she realizes that it's me again (you know, the guy who likes to wait in line). Clerk A closes her mouth, reaches up and closes the wooden shutter shutting down her window without a word.

I have never before or since felt such an instant and intense urge to kill someone as I did at that second.