January 27th, 2008

  • jadis

An hour and a half for a basket of fries? Seriously?

My brother and I took my Dad out for wings last night (to a local place that I'm not going to mention by name, because this is the first time I've ever had bad service there), and had what might have been the absolute worst service I've ever experienced. For our party of five (Mom/Dad/brother/brother's gf/me), we ordered:

2 soups
50 wings
1 basket of fries
1 burger/fries combo

Now, in every other restaurant on the planet that I've ever been to, I'd expect that 5-10 minutes or so after ordering, the soups (appetizers) would show up. About 20 minutes after ordering the wings/fries/burger combo (entrees) would come.

What we actually got:

6:00 pm: Placed order
6:40 pm: Got 50 wings
6:50 pm: Got first soup
6:55 pm: Waitress checked on us, was told that we were still missing a lot of our ordered food. Got told that the kitchen was very busy, and she was bringing stuff as soon as possible as it came up.
7:00 pm: All wings eaten, sitting there feeling sorry for Mom, the only one of us who hadn't wanted wings and whose burger combo entree has yet failed to make an appearance.
7:10 pm: Got second soup
7:20 pm: Got burger combo
7:21 pm: Asked for manager, got rude response from waitress about how even the manager was irritated at how the kitchen was filling orders, then just walked away WITHOUT CALLING THE MANAGER.
7:25 pm: Brother's girlfriend knows the manager on duty, spies her and calls her over, manager says same thing waitress did (although not quite as rudely), offers to comp the basket of fries we still hadn't received. Gee, thanks.
7:26 pm: While talking with manager, waitress shows up with last basket of fries.

I don't know what kind of fucked up universe the kitchen was operating on, but seriously....wtf? The manager said that she didn't know what was going on that night, maybe it was because of football games or whatnot (uh...no football yesterday...NONE) but they were slammed with takeout orders and there were only so many fryers and so much grill space, blahblah. The waitress had tried to claim that orders were coming up in the order they'd been put in, but how is that even possible? Our order should have been all on one ticket, and we got our basket of fries AN HOUR AND A HALF after ordering.

I guess we won't be going back there any time soon. Even if the waitress had come to the table at some point and apologized for how goofed up the kitchen was, it would have been a little better from a service standpoint, but she didn't say a word about it until pressed, and then didn't even have the grace to apologize. Feh. It's a shame, because their garlic wings are awesome.