January 26th, 2008

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Has anyone else ever had problems with the Gaia Online store? :\ I ordered like $40 worth of stuff the week before Christmas and it's now more than a month later and nothing has arrived, and I even received email notification that they shipped my stuff.. I emailed them at least two weeks ago and haven't received a response.
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GameStop SC

I was on vacation in California and bought a used The Sims game for Nintendo DS. When I got home and put the game in my device, and it did not work. Period. My DS Lite didn't recognize any game was in the slot. I even tried it in my brother's regular DS. Nothing.

At first, I was going to return it to the original store I bought it from, but I didn't manage extra time to do it, so I was then going to have my brother return it for me until I realized there was a GameStop nearby in the mall back near my house.

I returned to South Carolina and had my husband take the game to the GameStop in the mall, within the exchange period for used games (only 7 days! ugh). They would not accept it because it was bought in a different state. No where on the receipt does it say anything about South Carolina GameStops/EB stores having a special policy regarding returns/exchanges and neither does the website that I could find.

I called the customer service line and all I'm told is "Oh yeah, South Carolina has a special return policy... sorry. You'd have to go back to California or a neighboring state to return/exchange it."

Utter bullshit! With money being tight right now, I could use the damn $20 I spent on that piece of junk plastic!
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If you don't like kids, you're in the wrong job, sweetie...

The following is a letter I'm going to be sending off to the general manager of our local Build-A-Bear workshop. I can't believe that a floor manager would hear this story about her employee and then blow me off with a standard, "We'll have a talk with her," response. Sorry, but talk is cheap. They pulled the employee off the floor for less than a minute in an effort to show me they were "doing something." Whatever. I figure I'll tell them WHAT I think they should do.

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Pizza Slut

My friends and I decided to order pizza tonight. Upon calling Pizza Hut my friend was greeted with...

Pizza Hut Employee: "Can you call back? I am not clocked in."

The second time we were hung up on.

The third time we called back, made the order and asked to speak with the manager. She said she would talk to the people who answered the phone.
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