January 24th, 2008

Construction bad service?

On August 17, 2007 I entered into a construction contract with a private contractor. He was contracted to construct a 20x28 foot addition on the back of my house, install new windows and put siding on the entire house.

We were given and estimated completion date of 6 weeks from start date. On August 30, 2007 the footings were dug and poured and the foundation was set into place on September 5, 2007.

It is now January 24, 2008. Twenty one weeks from the day the footings were poured and we're nowhere near completion. In 21 weeks, they've taken off 19 Monday-Friday work days for various reasons.

I could be way off but I think this would be some pretty bad service.
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Dear bitch who keeps calling ME about shit my DAD bought like 15 years ago,
No, I did not buy tools in 1993. Yes, my dad did. Yes, he shares my name. No, neither I nor my mother are lying, so for you to get hateful with her when she tries to explain everything to you is NOT cool. Burn in Hell, bitch. I didn't buy any god damn tools in 1993. I was TEN FUCKING YEARS OLD in 1993. STOP FUCKING CALLING ME, YOU FAT UGLY COW WHO'S HUSBAND (or lesbian partner) WON'T FUCKING TOUCH YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE SUCH A CUNT!


PS. How do I punish my mother for giving me his fucking name? :|
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How dare I not know exactly how every facet of Visa works!

In April I am going out of the country for two weeks and I plan on bringing my credit cards. Since I am sick and bored out of my mind today, I've been doing little things that I'll eventually have to do anyways. One of those things was calling up my bank's credit card hotline and making sure they don't freeze up my cards once they see a bunch of Peruvian charges show up.

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Ohhhhhkay then. So I do not know exactly how Visa's un/flagging system operates. I almost never use cards, let alone take them out of the country. I'm so excruciatingly sorry for the inconvenience, oh precious call center worker! Plus the whole time he talked in that "this is non-negotiable and I will not listen to you discuss it anymore" tone as if I was being difficult or arguing with him. :(