January 23rd, 2008

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I have a professor this semester who fits some serious bad_service qualifications. But it seems like there's nothing I could possibly do about it. Maybe someone here has a recommendation.

You see this woman is the only teacher for both sections of this class. This class is only offered once every four years so that majors can take the class at some point. It's really frustrating because you have to plan for that class ahead of time but whatever. This woman spends the majority of the class talking about her kid. There are a few mothers in the class who spend the class time talking with her about stupid kid shit that the rest of us really don't need to know. But then she ends up not getting through everything that she wanted to in the class. That would be fine, but it's not covered in the textbooks either. So when it comes for a quiz, there are a bunch of questions she never covered that we're expected to know.

A bunch of fed up students including me went to talk to her about this. We explained to her that she was taking a lot of the class to talk to the girls who had kids and that it was cutting into her lecture time. She responded by telling us that she has a kid, and she's going to talk about him, and if we have a problem with it, we should get out of the class. After we assured her that wasn't what we wanted, we talked to her calmly and asked if there was any way she could revamp the quizzes so that things we covered in class was all that was on there. She just looked at us and told us to get out, and if we had some kind of problem with the way she taught her class to just drop it.  Which we WOULD do if we had a choice in the matter!

But this is really ridiculous. We want to talk to the department head about it, but I don't know if it's just useless at this point or not. But seriously if I'm paying for the class and I need it to graduate, I don't want to hear endless stories about your stupid fucking 2 year old.