January 21st, 2008


Uh oh...

I think I was just reeled into a scam. :/

So the number 1-866-314-5276 has been calling me for the past week 4-5 times a day (once even after 9 pm) and I have always missed the calls. They never left a voicemail and when I tried calling back, it would say, "If you want your name on the Do Not Call list, please leave your name and number" and then it would be shortly followed by "This mailbox is full." Awesome.

So I have no idea what this number is. Cut to today when I am off work because of MLK and the number calls. Great, now I can get rid of this problem once and for all.

I pick up and it is a cheery voice from Minnesota from a chick named Amanda. She says I have been entered in Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes and goes on the spiel while I sit back and listen politely. Normally I would have hung up by now but I wasn't feeling rude today. She asks me if she can ask me a couple questions for a survey and I think, why not, and answer (What are your hobbies, what is your age group, what credit card do you like best). Then she thanks me and says that I will be receiving 4 magazines in the mail and gives me an order number to which I begin thinking, "Whoa what is going on here."

It is when she transfers me to her "boss" because he needs to confirm my order number and asks if I can please give her a good review because it is her first week. So the manager answers giving the FAKEST laugh before he says, "Hello, Courtney?" That is when I know that this just doesn't seem right.

I quickly hang up the phone and panic. They knew about my credit card and they are probably sending me magazines that I never said I wanted. My fucking credit card company probably gave them my information and they are going to automatically charge it to my account.

I am livid and frustrated. I will be calling my credit card company and asking them about this mess. Has anyone encountered this telemarketer crap? The fuck if I ever listen politely to the again...
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The Saga of Cardiff Property Services

I’m a 2nd year University student living in Cardiff, UK. Like most non-freshers I live in a privately rented house with my fiancé and a third house-mate. Our landlord is meant to contact us through a letting agency called CPS Homes. He’s also opted for CPS to be in charge of the general maintenance of the house, as well as advertising it and collecting rent. We’ve been renting the house since July, each of us having paid £1,560 in rent so far, I think that’s about US$3,040.

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