January 19th, 2008

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Somehing from a couple weeks ago.

A customers_suck and bad_service all in one!

This may just fall into co-workers suck as well, since the person in question works for the exact same store I do, but at a different location. However, I will put this under bad service because I do not work at that particular store, or with this person, and at the time, I was a customer.

It was about eleven o'clock at night, and I had ran to the store for a very late dinner. I am waiting at the one register open, and in front of me are two men with all liquor. Our company has a policy stating that you have to card anyone who looks under thirty. Most people don't really mind this policy, and joke that being carded is quite flattering. Then you have people who whine and bitch and complain and act like we're so terrible for wanting to keep our jobs by following company policy. Then you have people like these men, who completely ignore the cashier when they ask them for identification and get annoyed when their booze still hasn't been rung up because they haven't shown identification. They finally do get the hint, of course, but the whole time are quite pissy about it, going on about how the cashier shouldn't "take it out" on them because she "has to work." For the most part, the cashier is being a faux polite you're required to be with asshole customers, at at this point I really do feel bad for her. After all, it's an hour until closing and the last thing you want is some yuppie scum treating you like dirt, and threatening to report you for supposedly copping an attitude. The transaction eventually ends after a small argument between the two, and my pity flies out the window when the cashier says:

"Have a nice day, ladies!" Followed by calling them faggots once they were out the door, but still within earshot.

To make this an even shinier example of unprofessional behavior, this woman was a supervisor at this store and the manager of the store was at the next register, and did nothing about it, at least from what I had seen.

Well, somebody must have done something about it, since it's been about two weeks now and I haven't seen her at all.
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...sent me another fucking bill.

For some reason "cancel all of my phone lines" and "I don't ever want to deal with you guys ever again" was misunderstood back in November.

Next time I have to deal with SprintPCS, I'll call the attorney general, and maybe consult with one of those money-grubbing lawyers I dislike.

[post-edit] Oh, I see; SprintPCS really needs my money:
Sprint Nextel to Cut Jobs, Close Stores

Sprint Nextel Corp.'s stock plunged Friday after the wireless carrier said it will cut 4,000 jobs and close 125 retail locations in response to a steep drop in its customer base.
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