January 16th, 2008


Workman's Comp/Doctors bad bad service

To explain this, you need to know the reason my husband is going to the doctor through Workman's Comp.

He got injured at work when a steel rod fell on his head. It only fell from a few feet but still, the injury happened.

I will cut each one so you will understand and it won't flood the page.

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So now he is back on light duty and having to deal with more doctors. Is there somewhere we can report this due to the hospital, doctor and WC neglect? This is like the forth worker through WC my husband has had and with the hospital trying to say he didn't report his back and neck pain, really takes the cake. I mean, why else would they have placed him on the backboard?

We are at a loss at what to do with this one. Any information and advice would be appreicated.
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I've been having a TERRIBLE time dealing with the dentist I was sent to for my wisdom teeth surgery(Well, not the dentist himself but his office).
I went in over a month ago to schedule the surgery because my wisdom teeth have been KILLING me, and my gums got all infected and swollen.  They told me they couldn't fit me in until January 10th because of a full schedule, but I figured that's ok because as long as I get them out!
I walk in on January 10th, all ready for surgery, and they tell me "Oh, the dentist is out of town, we called your parents house on Monday and told them we need to reschedule".  Now, I never got this message, so I'm a little pissed, but figure it's my dad's fault for not telling me(He has a terrible memory).  I reschedule for today(January 16th), and I tell the woman at the desk to call my cell phone if there are any problems because I don't live with my parents so they shouldn't be calling them, and I give her the number.  I'm still a little miffed, but I figure everything is set.
Fast forward to the present day!  I get to the dentist, once more ready for my surgery, and the woman at the desk(Different from the last time) proceeds to tell me that they called my dad after I scheduled for today and told him they needed to reschedule for January 24th because there was only one dentist there that day.
At this point I'm just pissed the fuck off.  I tell her I told them NOT to call my parents because I don't live at home and therefore I don't get messages, and she told me that was the only number they had to contact me.  This is bull because I gave my cell number the week before!  My parent's number is supposed to be my emergency contact, NOT my primary contact.
I've already taken time off of work twice for this, and I cannot afford to take more, so I told the woman this and she could tell I was obviously upset, so she said they'd put me in tomorrow morning.
She then said they had to charge me today, because tomorrow I'll be on medication and not able to consent to payment.  She runs my care credit card for 1,600$, which I find odd because when I scheduled the original appointment over a month ago, they said it would only cost 800$(Again, a different receptionist told me this).  But because I'm in a lot of freaking pain and I just want to get this surgery DONE with, I went through with the payment, but I plan on asking the actual dentist about this tomorrow, because I'm tired of dealing with these receptionists who obviously do not communicate with each other.
If I go in tomorrow and they try and pull this bull AGAIN, I'm demanding a refund and looking for another dentist, because this is getting ridiculous.
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FedEx problems

This is as much as a bad_service as it is me asking for advice:

So I went down to Manhattan the weekend before Christmas, and bought a pair of gorgeous Coach flats. I got them in a size 6 thinking I could stretch them half a size. Wore them around the house, no can do. I head up to Danbury Faire Mall, and the super sweet Coach ladies locate me a pair at a different store, pay $1.50 in shipping, and I'm told they'd be at my house in 5-7 business days. I'm cool with this.

That was on Thursday, January 3rd. Apparently sometime on Friday, specifically 2:16pm, Fed-Ex brought my package to my house, via tracking information on the Fed Ex website. My father and  I were home...I was home from 11am until 6pm on Friday. I never once heard a doorbell ring, saw a truck, saw a package outside, and the kicker? It was POURING. rain all day So basically my shoes have either been stolen, or lost.

I call Coach to see if they can refund my package, but they say I have to deal with Fed Ex. I'll be calling tomorrow and hopefully I won't be completely S.O.L.

I'm so, so mad.

UPS and Sprint

Sprint is supposed to be sending my husband a new cell phone; unfortunately they decided to use UPS to deliver it. They tried to deliver it yesterday afternoon (I work in the afternoon every day but Wednesday) but my kids never pay attention to the doorbell so they left a post-it saying that they couldn't deliver it. This was my day off anyway, so I waited all afternoon for it, then noticed that it was 6 pm (it was supposed to be delivered between 2 and 5 pm) so I called UPS to find out if the guy was still on the way and they claimed that a delivery attempt had been made at 5:37 pm! No one rang the doorbell; no one left a post-it even saying they'd tried to deliver it again. Nothing. And because it's a phone UPS refuses to deliver it any further away than next door; they won't take it to my corner store, half a block away, they won't take it to my office, in a different part of the city.

The UPS person I talked to claimed that I could call Sprint if I want it delivered elsewhere and get them to call UPS to tell them to take it to a different address. I tried for half an hour to convince someone at Sprint to do that; they refused. Once an order is shipped it is "closed" and they cannot change the address for "closed" orders. I got the run-around on that one and my husband then tried calling UPS back. He explained that Sprint refuses to change anything about shipped orders and can't they please just send it to an alternate address? Refusals all around.

How the hell are we supposed to take delivery of this phone when neither Sprint nor UPS seem to want to send it someplace where we can actually sign for it or when UPS's employees just automatically assume that no one is home and don't even TRY to knock or ring a bell? For that matter, since the UPS guy didn't even bother to leave a note, I'm not even convinced that he bothered to get out of the truck. Delivery attempt at 5:37 pm? Maybe in some other universe; certainly not this one.
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I get packages in the mail pretty often, from family or from shopping online. And I swear, every single time without fail, the package ends up sitting on my doorstep instead of making it inside the house when the delivery guy comes.

That's not a problem in and of itself, except quite often I'll be leaving the house and there will be a package on the steps. I found it annoying that they couldn't ever knock loud enough for me to hear them, but I figured it was just that I didn't hear the knocking over whatever I had been doing in the house. This happened to my roommate a lot, too, whose bedroom is upstairs while mine is downstairs. We had been saying that apparently delivery guy knocks are a special kind that can't be heard anywhere in the house, because usually at least one of us will hear a knock at the door-- usually me. But we NEVER ever hear a delivery guy knocking, they always end up leaving the package. Not very annoyed at this point or anything.

Then today, I'm in my room. The window is right by the front steps (the top of my window is level with the porch) so I can hear things out there but not see. All of a sudden I hear a man chuckling and saying something I can't quite hear, coming from right outside the front door. I was and listen for a knock, but don't hear anything. I peek outside my window and see feet on the porch for a minute before I go head upstairs to the door. I open it and there's a package sitting there, and the delivery guy is walking away talking on a phone.

Apparently, it's not that we're not hearing them, it's that they're not knocking. Packages were shipped UPS or USPS always, though I'm not sure which ones these guys are usually from. This dude was USPS, but the same thing happens if it's UPS.