January 14th, 2008

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evil city water service

I will preface this by saying it is entirely possible that I am in the wrong here. This is the first time I've lived in a house on my own where all the bills were separate (i.e. not covered in the rent). So it does get a little confusing.

I received two water bills in the mail Saturday. The city uses prepaid postage that just says *Paid for by City*- it's not a postage meter, and isn't postmarked. So I couldn't prove when they were sent out.

The first bill lists "Residential Water," "Residential Sewer," "Storm Water," "New Account Fee," and "Service Charge." Those last two are because it's the first bill. The bill date is January 3rd, and the due date is January 18. The services for the water, sewer, etc. go from 11/21/07 to 12/26/07.

The second bill lists "Residential Water," "Residential Sewer," and "Storm Water" again, for 12/26/07 to 1/7/08. The bill date is January 7th, and is due January 22nd. But, it says Account Past Due, with a late charge of $16.16.

Ignoring the facts of why I can't pay said late charge, why do I have one? The first bill isn't due to be paid until the 18th. I didn't even receive it until this weekend, but I have no way to prove it (because of the aforementioned prepaid postage).

I will call the city today. I just want to know- am I getting screwed?
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Rainbow Rentals in Springfield, VA

This happened coming up on a year now, but I still can't let it go. I'm trying very hard, and I think posting about it might help.

In late April of 2007 I moved from Virginia to Utah. I rented a U-Haul trailer from Rainbow Rentals in Springfield, VA. When I picked it up, apparently all of the people who normally hook up the trailers had gone for the day, so one of the other guys hooked it to my jeep for me. He seemed a little... twitchy and he forgot a few things (I needed a ball hitch and an outlet adapter that would handle U-Haul things). He also hooked the lights up backwards so that the left turn signal made the right side blink and vice versa. I was pretty much just happy to be on my way.

Thing is, it turns out he hadn't tightened the connecting joint enough. Just a little bit down the road were railroad tracks. When I went over those the trailer popped right off my hitch. Of course, to stop it had to hit the back of my car. I got out and inspected the bumper very carefully but couldn't see anything wrong. Some guys from the same industrial park happened to be behind me and hooked up the trailer properly. Thinking no harm no foul, I went home. At almost exactly 5:00 my friend came over and said, "Um... there's a big dent in the back of your car."

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I thought I was okay with it, but as time goes on I realize I'm not. I kept getting frustrated every time I notice the huge dent. And recently I realized that the damage will undermine the resale value of my car when I get a new one. It's been 9 months, though. I don't know if I even can do anything about it, even though I still have pictures of the damage and witnesses that I didn't have a pamphlet. (Sadly, no witnesses from when I actually picked up the trailer, and there's no way I could find the guys who helped me hook it up on the road.)

So that's my rant. I really hope it helps me get over it.
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First time poster

Maybe this isn't a big enough suck, but I'm gritting my teeth over it.

I have to get an utrasound and biopsy done on my leg for a mysterious mass (it doesn't SEEM like cancer, but still, it needs to be checked out.)

The dr. said I would get a call from a nurse to schedule an utrasound appointment once they made sure my insurance would pony up.

Got home last Wednesday at 4:30, had a message on my answering machine -- I had an appointment with the utrasound tech at 10am the next day.
I called the person back (note, this isn't the tech, it's the nurse that handles referals), wasn't there, left a message saying sorry, I can't make it, I have work, can she call me back so we can schedule one?

Called on Thursday to remind her I can't make it. Can she call me back on cell instead of home number?

Didn't call Friday because I was too busy.

Left message today at 8:30am, called to check at 10am (didn't leave message), left message at 1:10pm.

Isn't that your job lady? You can't return even one of my calls? Listen, I don't perform surgery or disarm nuclear bombs, but I DO have a job that is 70 miles (one way) away from my house, so I can't just get a call saying "oh by the way, come in tomorrow."

(oh, and I did ask the front receptionist if she is out or has been out or is back from lunch, etc. I want her job if I can be away from my desk that much and not return calls.)

It's like a big mac, but not

I went to McDonalds on my lunch at 2:20PM. I came back to my desk, unwrapped my Double Cheeseburger, and the first thing I notice is the lettuce sticking out.
It's been awhile since I ate at McDonalds, as I really don't like it so I thought maybe they started adding lettuce to this burger. A quick check online told me they hadn't.
So I take off the lettuce and then notice I don't have ketchup, but rather the sauce they put on the Big Mac.
Basically I have a Big Mac on a regular hamburger bun.
Then, I dig in my bag for fries. I pull out a fry box and... no fries. None. They weren't in the bottom of the bag either.
Now I've got an empty fry box and a hybrid of a Big Mac and Double Cheeseburger.
I'm stuck with this because I can't leave work to go back to McDonalds, and I highly doubt they would just hand me a large fry anyway.
Is it really so hard to provide me with the food I asked for? Who grabs a fry box and just sticks it in the bag? Isn't it obvious it's missing fries?
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Bad Grad School! No Cookie

I'm applying to grad schools and one of them has given such terrible service that I really wonder if going there would be pleasant. So far they've:

- lost my reference letters which were sent to them directly by the writers

- lost my transcripts which were sent by my other schools directly to them.

- lost supporting documents which they requested and I sent express post with tracking. I'm glad I shelled out the extra cash to do that because I then had to prove that I'd sent them the documents and somebody in their office sign for them.

- their secretary has told me that they do not answer any email because they are too busy and furthermore they don't like being phoned, even when the call is to follow up with them at their request, because they are busy.

- they have changed my application status from complete to incomplete and back again without explanation

I know that a grad school isn't a typical service institution but when I'm paying just to have the application processed I think this qualifies as bad service.
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While I wouldn't really call this bad service, just slightly annoying, I did have a question that hopefully someone can help me out with.

A Steak and Shake recently opened where I live and it was PACKED when I went tonight, the secnd night it has been open, and I sat in the drive thru for about 20 minutes, which was fine, because I was wearing my Hello Kitty PJs and didn't want to go inside :)

Anyway, I ordered 2 Dbl Steak burgers, 2 fries, and 2 milkshakes.

I got my food and looked in the bag, everything seemed good so I went home. 

I go to eat my burger and its only the single one.

Now, the delima is now I don't know what I should do. It was packed up there and traffic is awful where I live, so driving back up there wasn't an option. I ate what I had but I would like to get this corrected or something.

Is it customers suck to go back the next day and say something? 

Any suggestions would be great :) 
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