January 13th, 2008

Tim Hortons.

So the Tim Hortons near my old college always gave me bad_service. They're always yelling at each other when I'm there. Snarling at customers and storming off, getting into arguments, holding up the line...I'm always patient, but man this Tim Hortons was lame as can be.

I'm vegetarian and they always gave me such a hard time about ordering. I'm not even sure if they were rude because I was vegetarian or because they just couldn't stand my face, but they were always rude with me. They scammed me into buying what I thought would be a vegetarian sandwich...Which was literally a bagel with a slice of swiss cheese in the middle. I inquired about it and was promptly told, "you got what you paid for," and while I enjoyed the swiss/bagel combo...it still left me unnerved. I work at McDonald's, you think I don't get shitty customers? That's why I'm always empathetic towards fast food places but this is just...wow. Even the manager was really mean. This memory is vivid, even though it happened a while ago.

Me: Hi, I would like *reads right off display hovering above cash* Caramel Ice Cap (to those Canadians, you remember the ones that were caramel or mint chocolate with WHIPPED CREAM on it? That's what I asked for).
*gets a regular ice cap without any whipped cream. stops the manager as he walks by.*
Me: Sorry, I thought we got whipped cream on this?
Manager: Well, what did you order?
Me: *reads off the display hovering above cash*
Manager: That's not what she charged you. The whipped cream is extra. It's not our fault you didn't ask for it. (he sounded like he was ready to yell at me)

I'm glad I never have to go back to that one. It was the only one around and I loved the coffee and I was always nice to them anyway.

Bad Service from a Locksmithing Company

I bet we won't ever use this company again.

For the second time in four years of marriage ( the first time since we had the Saturn) my husband locked the keys in the car yesterday. He swears on this payday he is having a key made so I can keep it on my keyring.

We had to stop at the Dollar Store yesterday. We ran out of lightbulbs. We get halfway across the parking lot and he patted his shorts, causing his eyes to go wide. He looked at me and said, please tell me you didn't lock your door.

I of course had.

We go back over and sure enough, there was the keys in the ignition.

After borrowing a phone book from the Dollar Store we got the number for the Locksmith.

We called from a payphone because our Boost phones were out of time. This was the conversation because Hubby was letting me listen in. Cut to save space.

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I know it is bad of me but I hope that guy gets fired for his lack of common sense or even for his rude words. We would have showed him all the documents but he never asked.
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Dear Pharmacist,

When I asked you if I could pick up my prescription from other Target stores, it was not for shits and giggles. I do actually move between Central New York and New York City several times a year for college. So when I called my local Target in NYC, imagine my surprise when I found out that due to NY state law, I might have trouble picking up new refills from the upstate Target I first got the prescription at. You'd think that as a pharmacist, it might have behooved you to tell me that.
And now, looking at my refill, I see I have no refills, as opposed to the 10 I should have. GREAT.

Thank God I have an appointment with my gynecologist this week.
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Cut for language and extreme wank. (Also, me being whiny.)

I've seen some horrific stories in here (ie. the person who dealt with asshattery involving an exploded hot water tank) and in no way is mine as extreme as that but nevertheless when you're already dealing with drama and encounter the slightest annoyance I must tattle on the offenders.

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I bet I sound like a brat but honestly, giving that place the benefit of the doubt and continuing to eat there only to be screwed over every time is pretty obnoxious considering they’ve got the only relatively healthy, non-greasy-burger food in the area.

Also, I don’t mean to offend anyone who works at a Panera. This just seems to be the way of our local one.

ETA: For everyone who wants to know why we keep going back, just for clarification: this is all built up over four+ years of eating lunch every saturday and sunday and basically our only options are greasy burgers, chain sandwich shops or panera. so on the day when i can't stomach mcidiot's i opt for something easier on my system. keep in mind we've only been to panera a total of five times over those four+ years. since my dad works this second job i see him only 45 minutes on a weekday and maybe an hour on a weekend day so sometimes i have to put up with shitty service or just not get to see my dad. i suppose that's why i deal with it but after today i guess it's just something i'll have to sacrifice.