January 12th, 2008

Banfield sucks.

My parents always went to the same Banfield to see one guy in particular, because he was familiar with chinchillas. Well, that same guy ended up killing three of our rabbits and making two of them very sick for awhile (one bunny got the sniffles, all bunnies were put on antibiotics but he 1. prescribed antibiotics that were dog/cat strength, NOT bunny strength and 2. FORGOT to prescribe the medicine that went with the antibiotic, to prevent the med from attacking the digestive system. 3 rabbits dead and hundreds of dollars in vet bills. Fuck Banfield.
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Ebay suckage..

I did a BIN for some ceramic outlet plates on Jan 2nd and purchased all 26 plates they had to offer.

On Jan 8th I received the package and was thrilled that the shipping was so fast! The thrill was short lived. I opened the box and found 10 of the 26 broken. They were tossed in the box with a little bit of shredded paper and a couple small strips if tiny bubble wrap which was not really wrapped around any of them.

The box arrived intact with no damage what-so-ever. There were no "FRAGILE" or "BREAKABLE" stickers on the box. I'm pissed because these stickers should have been applied and the plates should have been packed better. The seller boasts:

"All material is NEW in original manufacturers packaging unless indicated otherwise in the description. Manufacturers packaging can be different from what is shown in the photo.

· All cartons are opened and the product is inspected prior to shipping to assure that it is complete and there is no hidden damage. Additional packing material may also be added."

What a joke. Then they go on to say:

"We have been in business since 1989, have over 50,000 square feet and $20,000,000 in electrical inventory available. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and we are looking forward to doing business with you."

Here is the problem. I emailed them the night I got the package and sent pics. I got no reply. Thursday afternoon I emailed them thru Ebay and told them of the damage again. Still no reply. It's amazing how fast they replied to me when I asked how much shipping was when I wanted to buy them and now all of a sudden they are too busy? They do give a 1-800 number in the auction so I'll call on monday. If they do not want to settle this in a reasonable way then there is not much I can do but give a neg feedback.

The damage comes out to $17.50, it's not a lot, I just hate being pushed off.

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Out Campaign

Hint: The answer is "nothing"

I was in Best Buy earlier today looking for at least $100 of merchandise so I could benefit from a coupon I received. I was hoping that a couple of video games would strike my fancy, but nothing really stood out. I remembered that I was "kinda" looking at getting a new home theatre at some point, so I figured it was worth a look. I found a CSR in the section and attempted to ask if it was worth spending the money on a new system for the components I currently have.

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I have finally gotten around to looking up the answer myself. Optical can transmit uncompressed (PCM) stereo or Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1. In order to get uncompressed 5.1, HDMI is required.

Annoying Starbucks encounter

I'm on a really long car ride, and I'm pretty tired. I stop at a Starbucks and order a latte with a shot of peppermint syrup and whipped cream. The employees are cheerful and polite. I'm really looking forward to the caffeine.

Because my mouth seems to be sensitive to heat, I usually give my coffee a while to cool off before I drink it. So about twenty minutes down the road I take a sip and get a mouthful of peppermint milk. They had completely forgotten the coffee.

"No, you may not own money."

I am a graduate student, and I've had different issues every semester I try to register for new classes.  They vary, and often they are system errors or something similar.  I can only rage at the machines.  About three semesters ago, however, I got to experience some amazing service.

I payed, registered, and then checked my account to find that I had been double-charged for tuition.  Naturally, this struck me as somewhat odd.  I went to the school's front desk, and was told to speak to Financial services:

Financial Service Clerk:  "May I help you?"

Me: "Yes, indeed.  Here is my name, here is my Student Account number, and here are the pertinent details for my registration.  As you can see from this information, I was accidentally charged twice for registration.  Could you please refund the extra amount?"

Clerk: "No, I'm sorry, we don't give refunds once you have begun taking classes."

Me: "My classes have not begun yet.  I attend the first one later this week.  Also, I am not asking for a tuition refund.  I was charged twice for one semester, and I am asking for the overcharge to be returned to my account."

Clerk: "No, we don't give refunds."

Me: "You charged me twice for one semester."

Clerk: "Too bad. It's not my fault."

Me: "Your policy states that you will refund incorrect charges, such as this one.  The money is not legally yours."

Clerk: "No.  We're not refunding it." *takes the paperwork I gave him, and then closes the window*

Me: "Was that legal?"

I went home and called the financial services desk.  I got somebody else, who told me that I am owed a refund, but I would have to be present at the desk to receive it, or I could e-mail.  I decided not to say, "The refund was declined," and I simply sent the pertinent information about the double charge via e-mail.  It was refunded by the end of the day.  I know, I was really stupid to not report him, but what could I say?  "One of the people behind the counter refused to refund me. I don't know his name, and he looks pretty average. If you brought in a police lineup, I might be able to identify him."  Eh.

But can anybody tell me what possessed that clerk? 

caffeinated wolf

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Hi there. Two stories, one old and one new, but both happened at the same movie theater and both deal with food poisoning. (One happened last night, and reminded me of the older one.)

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Moral of the story: I went back to the theater later and actually saw There Will Be Blood and it is AMAZING and you should all watch it.[/OT]
Annoyed Verka

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 Today, I went to a little vintage/resale shop in North Royalton, Ohio called Red Geranium. Let me tell you it was a horrible experience. I found this adorable picture of Pee-wee Herman, and so, I bought it. Well, I went to the counter to check out, and the cashier looks at the picture totally freaked out, and looks at me the same way. I give her a "WTF" look, and here's the exchange between us: 

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What do they teach in pharmacy school these days?

First a little background and then onto the bad service:

I'm going into a teaching credential program with the intent of teaching 1st or 2nd grade. I have allergies and kind've a crappy immune system so my mom suggested if I'm going to constantly be around the little germ farms that 6-8 year olds seem to be made of that should start taking something similar to Airborne. Pills such as Airborne often contain herbal supplements, some of which can have interactions with other pills. I take birth control pills (mostly to balance my hormones) and know that some herbal supplements can lessen their effectiveness.

So I decided to ask the pharmacist at Rite Aide if there was anything in Airborne that can affect my birth control pills.

I grabbed a box of Airborne off the shelf, took it with me to the pharmacy counter and asked to speak with a pharmacist. The clerk said, "Just a minute" and went to get the pharmacist. So far, so good.

So the pharmacist walks up, a young girl and I show her the box of Airborne, explain to her I'm taking birth control (and the specific brand I take), wanted to start taking Airborne and wanted to know if there was anything that would lower the effectiveness of the birth control since I know there are herbal supplements that do so, but don't know what all of them are. She picks up the box, pretends to look at it and says "I don't know. I couldn't tell you" and walks away. That was it. She didn't check her computer which should have the information in their lovely little computer program that pharmacists use, didn't check the drug book, didn't suggest a resource for me to check, another person I could ask--nothing. It's like didn't you go to pharmacy school lady? Geez. Thanks for nothing.

Btw if anyone knows where I can actually get an answer to my question, please let me know.
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