January 11th, 2008


Bad Service

I am not one to complain about bad service all the time but this one took the cake.

When me and hubby are out and about during the weekend, we usually grab fast food. We never had a problem out of Wendy's of Aurburndale, ever in the time it has opened and we have went there but last weekend, they took the cake.

First off, I can't stand to have ketchup or mustard on my burgers, the combination just messes up my stomach in the worst way so I have to special order my stuff.

We went through after leaving from Wal Mart and the woman was polite enough. She asked for our order which was two triple stacks.

One all the way,

One with only mayo, lettuce and cheese.

The woman repeats our order and we drive up. We get an apology because they don't have pennies. No biggy there either.

We pay, drive up to the next window and then get our food.

Hubby runs into the game store to pick up a game he wanted, he was back out in five minutes. We open our sandwiches and I take a bite of mine and instantly am sick to my stomach.

The burger was not right.

Not only did it not have cheese, it had no lettuce and it barely had mayo. When I took the top off, whoever had made the burger actually wiped off the ketchup and mustard, and just added the mayo on the top of it. I could see the red outline where the ketchup had been. Not only that

The burger was BAD!

I went back in and had to stand in line for over twenty minutes( only had one cashier with it being busy) while waiting on the CSR. I got up to the register and explained the situation.

She looked at me like I was mental. She then snurled up her nose, grabbed the bag and stomped off to the manager.

The manager then came back and asked what was wrong. I explained to them that I ordered a triple stack with cheese, lettuce and mayo only. The burger had no lettuce or cheese and was only a double stack and also that the burger was bad.

She asked where the recipt was and I told her I didn't get one.

She then had the gall to say that she didn't believe me, that we never went through drive through and that burger was from another store. She jerked the bag open and roughly looked at the burger. She was talking to the line cook and they were looking over the burger like I had done something to it to try to get a refund. They were whispering back and forth.
I was actually embaressed to be in the store with the way she raised her voice and treating me. The other customers were clearly shocked also.

Then another manager came up. A nice man. She rambled off what I had told her and then he talked to me calmly. I explained the situation again and he took the bag from her, walked over to the fry lights and looked at the burger. Even he could tell by looking at it, not only was the order wrong, the burger was bad. He checked the drive thru and found our recipt and nodded.

She only wanted to refund my money for the double stack when we were charged for a triple. The male manager refunded my money and gave an apology. I told him that I didn't want to raise an uproar in the resturant because it could have just been my burger that was bad. He offered me a free meal but by that time my hunger was gone.

When I was leaving, he was saying something to the line cook.

Would it have killed her just to say, I am sorry, would you like another or would you like a refund? I know now why I hate fast food sometimes. At least McDonald's makes sure you have your recipts. It took me over 40 minutes to handle something that should have been taken care of in five. I know I won't go there again.
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