January 10th, 2008

Taco Bell

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I wrote a letter to corporate, and included a link to the above photo. Needless to say, the woman who spoke to my husband today was horrified at the pitiful excuses for nacho cheese chalupas, and promised to send out coupons for a bunch of free stuff right away.

Honestly, I'd rather they take the time to properly train the employees at Taco Bell, so that in the future I and other previously-fucked-over customers don't have to hold up the entire drive-thru line to inspect each and every item ordered, to make sure that we not only received what we requested, but that each item has all of the ingredients and the proper amounts!
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Half.com - shipping???

I purchased three textbooks from half.com for my legal assisting classes. One of them I would need a.s.a.p, as the class would require reading beforehand and we would be quizzed on it. I emailed the seller of this book, asking them to send it a.s.a.p. Two of the books shipped the day after ordering, and I recieved notifications for both of them. The third one, the one I needed a.s.a.p., I have not recieved any information on it at all.. the website says shipped, but I was under the impression that I got an automatic confirmation when the status was changed to shipped? At least it did for the other two.

Im really very annoyed by this. I had to go out and buy the book today, because as far as I am aware the book was not shipped, today (1/10) was the cutoff date. I never got any notification from this person, no acknowledgement that they even recieved my message. I send another one today, saying that as far as I was aware the order had not shipped, and I want a refund. I am going to keep the book I got in the wrap until the last possible moment, just to be safe, but... as I wrong?

If someone could please tell me if this is really bad service (I feel it is!) or if I am wrong in assuming that half.com sends automatic messages? Im not familliar with it, and I could understand a mistake because the person had no user rating. However, I know they are owned by ebay, and both them and ebay seem to try to make them all pretty idiot-proof. This whole situation, is just really making me nervous

Edit: Just to be clear - the idea of bad_service is not the time frame of getting it - that was bad planning on my part, and if I dont have the book in time I will deal. (I do have the book I ended up buying. If I have to, I will open that, use it, and then just try to resell it when I get the one that I ordered. Not ideal, but thats the price I pay for poor planning). The whole reason I mentioned it was to explain the message that I sent the seller. What my problem is, wholely and completely, is that I have gotten no confirmation, no respond to my earlier message (in which my first line was something like "Im sorry, but I need this really fast, could you tell me when you would be able to ship it?").

I found Half.com's policy:
Once an order has been placed, you are required to ship the item within 72 business hours. It is not necessary to let your buyer know that you shipped the item, however Half.com now offers a seller the option of marking an item as 'shipped'. This feature sends an automated email to your buyer which includes any shipping notes you may have provided

My item is marked as "shipped" but I have recieved no confirmation. I did email them requesting a refund, so if I am mistaken and it was shipped, then I should get a reply to that... and I'll take no sign of communication as confirmation that I am being ripped off? Ive never been through this situation before, and as I said earlier its making me nervous, so forgive me if Im being kind of jump-all-over-the-place. anyway, hope I clarified that.

Edit the second - phew! I got an email back from the seller finally - the book was shipped, I was told, on Wednesday. She even still offered to give me a refund! I told her that wasn't necessary though, since the book was sent and that was my main concern. I explained why I was confused, too. *big breath* Ok Im a happy person again. Thanks everyone for your advice!
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terrible service from www.tufftagz.com

This is my first post. but I've been reading for a while...so, hello!  :)

Anyway, on November 4th, I ordered a customized pet ID tag from this site, using the site's secure online credit card form.  I received an automated email, notifying me that it would take about two weeks for shipment.  I wasn't in a hurry, so that was no problem.

Three weeks pass, and I hadn't heard anything.  I send them a brief email, inquiring about the status of my order.  No response.

I wait another three weeks, and send another email.  I said I realized they were probably busy during the holiday season, but that I would appreciate a brief update on the status of my order.  Again, no response.

Busy with final exams and then with the holidays, checking in with these people was not at the top of my list, so I didn't for awhile.  Three days ago, I receive an automated email from Paypal, notifying me that I had been sent the purchase price of the tag via Paypal.  So not only did these people never bother to contact me, but they accepted my payment and then refunded it via Paypal.  However, I initially paid them directly with my credit card, since I don't have a Paypal account.  I realize that getting one is easy--but I also know that you have to pay a fee to get Paypal to cut you a check, which I'm not too thrilled about doing.  I then sent these folks a third email, letting them know that not only did I not appreciate their failure to refund my payment directly to my credit card, but that if they just didn't plan on fulfilling orders, they might consider taking their website down so that unsuspecting "customers" don't fruitlessly send them their credit card information.

Then, just out of curiousity, I checked their website.  It was still up, but under the "dog tags section," it read "Coming Soon!"  Yeah...that wasn't there when I ordered.  Real professional, folks.

UPDATE:  Just checked the site again, and the order form for pet tags is up and active again.  I have no idea what these people are doing.  But I'd certainly suggest not ordering from them!

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