January 7th, 2008


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I am having the worst fucking time ever dealing with Apple and the Apple store. The story is as follows:

- computer goes boom
- take it to the apple store
- store techs can't reproduce the issue
- store sends it off to repair
- apple repairs it, and it ended up needing a lot of major components replaced
- kate gets it back from repair
- computer goes boom and gets WORSE
- kate calls applecare because this is what she paid the extra warranty cost for dammit
- tech support guy tries to insist this is a different problem even though all original issues came back plus more
- after it is clear that this is making me very angry, tech support guy says "Ican'tdoanythingelsetakeittotheapplestorehaveanicedaybye" and hangs up on me
- take it back to the apple store
- store insists on keeping it this time and say they will call
- they don't call back of course
- kate calls, they say there are only two geniuses in the store and one will call back
- no one calls back for another day
- kate calls again, they say they can't reproduce the issue
- store techs insist that they reset things and it's okay to take home
- kate asks them to remember how they couldn't reproduce the problem the first time and that it ended up needing three new parts
- store tech considers this and says they will call back
- kate highly doubts this will happen

I'm calling at the end of the business day today or early tomorrow because I am IRATE. I know no one will call me back and I don't even have a fucking repair number to keep track of. This Friday when I get back to Texas and go back in to the store I'm going to demand that I have it back so that I can have it sent off for another repair myself. Nevermind the fact that I have extended warranty coverage and have already had to spend three weeks without a working computer that I need for everything.

I don't care how long a company keeps my computer so long as they are actually fixing it, but all of this discourteous behavior and dragging of feet in the meantime just makes me so angry I could scream. I'm usually sweet as whatever to tech support people because I know they have dumb people bitching at them all day long, but as soon as I get my computer back I'm asking to speak to the manager to inform them that this experience will ensure that I will never make an appointment at a genius bar to deal with a computer issue ever again.

And if Apple "fixes" it again and it explodes again I'm going to lose my damned mind.
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On-Campus for Jterm

Before I mention the badness here, let me clarify the rules for staying on-campus over winter break and Jterm. If you intend to stay over the two weeks surrounding Christmas (Catholic college), you have to apply for it and pay an extra $65 per week. If you intend to stay over Jterm (read: January 1-27), you don't have to pay any money, but you fill out a form as well. That way, residence life knows who is on campus in case of an emergency or something related. It makes sense, right? They know who is on campus and for how much of the break. I wasn't here for Christmas, and I didn't sign up to be here for Christmas. I'm here for January, like I said I would be. Not hard, right?

The suck:
It's 2pm and I'm still asleep. I've been a bit of an insomniac lately; I can't seem to fall asleep before 4am without a battle. This morning, I was awake until 7am, so it makes logical sense that I was still sleeping at 2pm.
Well, apparently (all mention of being a teenager/college student aside), that isn't reasonable to the people that are supposed to be doing room checks for maintenance things. Promptly at 2pm someone banged on my door, and without a second's delay to find out whether there was anyone inhabiting my room, some guy from maintenance loudly and quickly unlocks my door and bangs it open. I said (very sleepily, with a good deal of "wtf" in my voice), "Helloooo?" and he looked really shocked (I think, I'm nearsighted) and was like "I was just checking on your closet doors!" and then banged the door shut and relocked it loudly.

Here's why I'm annoyed:
1. Residence life KNEW I would be here for January, but not Christmas, so why couldn't he have checked on my closet doors or whatever during the two weeks when my room was vacant? I know there are lots of other rooms to check up on, but wouldn't it make sense to do the rooms that will have people living in them during January first so that they're done before the people are back in them?
2. That guy definitely could have waited all of 10 seconds to allow me to figure out that he was outside my door and been like "I'm sleeping!", but instead he bursts in like the building is on fire. wtf.
3. "Check on your closet doors"? Really?
4. I have a lot of unpacked stuff all over my room because I just brought the rest of my laundry and whatnot over yesterday. I've been here since Thursday, but I haven't really had time to unpack. My room looks like a bomb went off, so I don't really want random people (especially random people I have never seen before in my life) running around my room.
5. Is it so hard for campus maintenance or residence life or whoever to CALL me and say "Hey, we wanted to check on the status of your closet doors (wtf wtf wtf), when would be a good time?"??? Nope.

I would be significantly less ticked off if I had been awake, but honestly, what if he had done that and I was naked? Geez.

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Readers Digest Hell!

I'm posting this in the form of emails sent back and forth:

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I got this generic reply that I have recieved no less than 8 times in 1.5 years:
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So I get frustrated that, once again, they haven't actually read my email.

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and i keep getting the same replies.

Edit: Just for clarification. It's not only the magazines, it's the tons of other junk letters about competitions etc that we are receiving. Some days it will fill up the letter box and force our mailman to leave other packages at our door.
I do also feel the guilt that someone is paying for a service (no matter how annoying it is to me) and not receiving it. It COULD be as simple as contacting them to update their address but Reader's Digest won't do so. Surely they have a billing address?
And the whole exploring legal options? was (apparently) a poor attempt at a kick in the pants. I wouldn't even know where to start, and as one commenter referred to, I don't actually have time to do so.

I never thought to donate them, i think that i will go to Aus post and see if it can be blocked somehow, otherwise i'll just mail them on to the library.
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Damn website memberships!

For whatever reason, I have not been noticing a monthly $24.95 charge on my credit card since June. I notice it today and instantly call my bank, they recommend my calling the company charging me (epoch.com which is some third-party billing company) and see about them voluntarily stopping the charges while they open a dispute in the meantime.

I call them and inquire as to who is charging me monthly and they give me a website address and I'm instantly pissed off.

I signed up for a website, which I paid for one month and instantly cancelled my membership after the month was over. I've even receive numerous "come back to us!" emails from them. They have continued to charge me over the past 7 months... I haven't visited the website since I cancelled it!

I'm at work right now so I'm unable to take care of calling the website bill support or check my email for a possible kept receipt/message from when I cancelled my membership.


Update: I sent the billing company an email telling them I had cancelled my subscription and demand a refund (trying to be as assertive as one can be in an email without sounding like a dick), and they responded with:

As per your previous request, your membership had already been cancelled,
No future charges had occurred. You are welcome to come back and re-join
the website at anytime.

To make sure I'm reading this correctly, as the way it's phrased, they're denying they charged me after I'd cancelled my membership?? Of course now, I'll be making a phone call!
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Wedding Woes

I started out absolutely, mind-bendingly, righteously furious about this, but the longer it drags out the funner it gets. Wedding reception bad service under the cut.

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It's somewhat tldr; I'm a nut for detail and it's rather a saga at this point. May bore anyone who doesn't care about wedding drama and associated bad service.