January 3rd, 2008

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I hate them with the fire of a thousand suns.

I sent 2 boxes, Speedpost, from Hong Kong to Brisbane on the 21/12. They SHOULD have got there between the 24th and 28th. Yes, I know that Xmas means post office hours are reduced, so I was expecting it on the 27th or 28th, the 2 working days that week. Speedpost guarantees delivery within 2 business days of leaving Hong Kong.

One box is lost. Aus Post online tracking says "An attempt to deliver your item was made by the Messenger Post QLD delivery service at 14:23 on 24 Dec 2007. Addressee has relocated."

Really? No. We were home all day. Relocated? I know that the writing is legible and easy to read and written in more than one place. The phone number is also on there. They did nothing.

The other box apparently came on the 27th. No card left (thought they claim they did), no knock at the door. Again, we were home all day.

When I call them on the 31st, the day before I leave, of course, that is somehow a holiday for them as well, so the depot closest to us, where the boxes should be, is closed. I don't begrudge them having Xmas holidays, but for most post offices, the 31st day time is still a working day.

Over $2000 HKD spent for speedy service and 2 weeks later, I still am without my boxes or any information as to where they could be. I hate AusPost.

I hate AusPost.


not super bad, but just irked my chain.

the other day i was on my way home from work and decided to stop at mcdonalds.  i've gone to this location alot although they do move pretty slow both inside and in the drive thru, usually thats my only problem, so ill budget extra time if i plan to stop there on my way somewhere.  however, this time, speed was not the issue, but moreso the service or lack there of.

i pulled upto the speaker sometime between 920 and 930 pm ordered my food, and the guy told me my total would be $3.11 at the first window, I opened my wallet and saw i only had $3 (in loonies) and didnt want to break a bill or charge my visa, so i borrowed a quarter from my moms parking/shopping cart money stash.  this would mean my change back is $0.14.  I pull upto the window, and the guy doesnt say hi or repeat my total he puts his hand out, so i hand him my money.  i then sit at the window with my hand out waiting for my reciept and change, after a few seconds he looks at me with the big eyed what are you doing here look (doesnt ever say one word to me at all during this transaction) then points his finger telling me to pull up to the next window.  as i was pulling forward, i tried to think of a clever way to say to the person handing me my food, "oh i thought maybe i'd get my change here" or something, although its only 14 cents and wont make or break me, it was more so the fact the guy refused to use words with me that made me mad.  i get to the window and the girl doesnt say hi hands the bag out the window then closes the window and walks away.  i know some mcdonalds put your reciept on or in the bag, so i checked my bag for the reciept since they have a number on it to tell them how they are doing, but i had no reciept either.  

my sister works at another mcdonalds a few blocks away from this one, i told her the issue, and she told me the store has comment cards and a box in store to drop them in, im seriously considering writing one, but im not sure if its actually worth my time. 
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Weird and a little rude

Just got back from lunch with my coworkers. They paid cash, I put in $8 on my credit card. Well, I guess there was a problem because the waiter comes back and tosses my card at me, "Declined!" So I gave him another card.

I just got off the phone with the credit card company and everything is fine with my card and it shouldn't have been declined-- and they did check and there is no pending charges ($8 or otherwise) so it doesn't seem like I paid twice or anything.

Is there anything else I should look out for? Does this seem like anything sketchy to you guys? (Or just a mistake).

Other than that, he was a good waiter and we tipped him decently. I wasn't embarrassed or inconvienced but it could have been very embarrassing for someone to have a card declined - esp. in front of peers-- he could have handled it with more decorum.

Also, it wasn't even declined, according to the credit card company. Maybe it didn't swipe (sometimes it doesn't swipe so well) and he just decided that meant it was "declined". Who knows.
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