January 1st, 2008

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Origin Energy suck

I know I've posted a problem with Origin Energy here before, but LJ is being a dick and I can't find it. So, bear with me if I explain things that may already seem familiar to you.

March 7th, 2007 - Move into new rental property. Call Origin Energy a few days prior to transfer my electricity from the old property to the new one. I ask to still have GreenPower at my new place. No problems.

April 2007 - Receive huge final bill from old place and am sad. But, we did run the air con almost 24/7 because of the heat there, so I make a payment arrangement of $60 a week and deal. About a week later, I receive my first bill for my new property with the connection charge on it - only it says final bill as well. I'm a bit confused, but I figure it's just a carry over from the old place, too.

June 2007 - It occurs to me I have not gotten an electricity bill for a while, and I want to see how much I've got left oweing on my large bill. I call to find out. Confusion and extreme frustration occur. Turns out my electricity was shifted to AGL in the old tenants name in April, and I no longer have an electricity provider. I end up calling AGL, ETSA and Origin several times in order to get it sorted out. Finally, I am assured that I will be back with Origin, on GreenPower, with some lightbulbs and crap to sweeten the deal.

July 2007 - I get a bill backdated to March, which is a) massive and b) estimated (my meter is indoors). I call Origin again and point out that they have to be estimating that on the previous tenant's electricity usage, as this is my first bill. After much wrangling, they agree to send out a meter reader on a specific day, and I stay home and greet him and watch him read the meter.

2nd September 2007 - I get a bill dating back to April. However, magically, it is not estimated, and is extremely reasonable. I pay it in two instalments and am happy things are finally sorted.

2nd December 2007 - I get another bill, also reasonable and not estimated. I pay it in two instalments and am happy.

10th December 2007 - I get another bill. Except, it's stating I have a huge credit on my account and no payment is necessary. I get my husband to call Origin (as I am now working all the hours Origin is open, ironically, at AGL) and they explained it was a credit from our old property. I am completely confused. I get him to call again and they said the credit was no longer there, as it was taken up by another bill. The credit was $601. The bill was $628. Frustrated my husband didn't ask why our bill was so high, after we just paid one, I vow to call Origin myself.

14th December 2007 - We get the bill stating we owe $28 in the mail. I make an effort and get home 5 minutes before Origin close and call, because a) it is saying this bill goes back to April, b) it's estimated, c) it's a different account number to my previous bills and isn't on GreenPower, and d) we have had a meter exchange. I ask Origin what the hell is going on. They try and blame it on all the confusion back in June. I point out that I have had two normal invoices since then. The woman I spoke to didn't seem to know anything. She said she'd revert my back to my old account number and put me on GreenPower. She also said that the credit was all my payments at the new address they'd returned to me before billing me again. She at first tried to claim that we had indeed had a meter exchange, and until I got very firm and pointed out our. meter. is. inside. I think I might know if someone had exchanged our meter. She then backtracked and said "it's just something admin put on there". Irritated, I ended the call. I then pay the $28 on the new account number just to be safe.

27th December 2007 - I have a day off work, and decide to call Origin again and see if I have indeed got my old account number back. I get a woman who, once again, has no idea what's going on and sounds quite shitty. She tells me my new account number still stands, and I now have a credit of $629. I snap and ask to talk to a supervisor, and get Lloyd. Lloyd offers to call me back in an hour after he's had a good look through everything, and sounds confident he can work it out. 20 minutes later, Lloyd calls back and tells me pretty much that I have my old account number, I have a huge credit, it's not a bad thing, deal with it. My meter is due to be read again in January, cheers. Defeated, I ask for GreenPower to be applied to my account, as he says it's not there. He puts me on hold, then a woman answers the phone. Confused, I reiterate I wanted GreenPower. She says it's already on there. I point out that instead of receiving a green invoice telling me how much greenhouse gas I've saved by being on the plan, I got a plain yellow once. She just says "Oh...yeah...I don't think we do that stuff any more." I hang up.

I am more than pissed at this whole, huge mess. No one can tell me what's going on. Apparently I have this huge credit on my account. I have no idea whether or not I have GreenPower. Rawr!!

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