Etched with marks but I can deal (finding_helena) wrote in bad_service,
Etched with marks but I can deal

That's WIDESCREEN, dammit

A couple of months ago, I went to visit some friends out of town. While I was there, we had to make a trip to the video store so my friends could return some movies. They went looking for more movies, and as long as I was there anyway I hit the pre-viewed bin. I found "Love Actually", made sure to pick it out in widescreen (I used to not care, but have been converted to the widescreen camp by my boyfriend), and took it up to the desk. I held just the box; the clerk had the clear plastic boxes that the movies came in and gave me that box to keep, in the same manner as when you rent a movie and get the movie itself from behind the counter. So the clerk rang me up, gave me the movie, all was well.

Well, Love Actually is a Christmassy movie, so we held off on watching it until this last weekend. Pressed Play only to find out...

They'd given me full-screen. When I'd taken up the wide-screen box to purchase the movie, they gave me full-screen.

This strikes me as very strange. Aren't video store employees usually some of those who are most militant about explaining to idiots the difference between widescreen and fullscreen? So wouldn't you think that they'd give their patrons credit for caring, or did they think I was a dumbass who didn't know the difference? It's too late to return the movie, and I paid $6 for it and the store is an hour and a half away, so there's no point in returning it anyway. But dammit, they did not give me the movie I paid for, entirely due to either the clerk or whoever boxed up the previewed movies being a dumbass.
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