what is this place? some kind of nun factory? (manaconda) wrote in bad_service,
what is this place? some kind of nun factory?

Minor suck at Sundance

Sundance Cinemas is a tiny, tiny chain that only exists in Madison, WI and San Francisco.

It's slightly different from other theaters in my town. You have to reserve your seat for a certain fee, the amount of which depends on the day and time. This doesn't sound bad on paper if you want to keep your group together during a crowded showing or if you're not paying to reserve seats in a nearly empty theater(but that's bad policy, not bad service). I like to avoid going because I'm a cheapskate, but since it opened several years ago, it managed to become the only theater here that plays indie movies.

To be as brief as possible, a friend and I bought three tickets to a crowded Friday evening showing(this puts the reservation price at three dollars). We waited for the third friend, who was late for the movie. When we went into the theater, someone was in one of our reserved seats, leaving no room for all three of us. We went to the front desk to complain. Their solution? Reserve new seats.

They didn't expect us to pay for new reservations, but what's the point of reserving seats if the theater deosn't actually reserve them? It was only a few minutes after the trailers started, so it wasn't like we showed up halfway through the movie.
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