December 26th, 2007

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*grumble mutter growl*

Update to this post.

So I noticed on my bill the tiny print that says yes, the taxes are just for the 5 months. The thing is, my account still says it's delinquent when this is the very first bill I've received with the prorated amount. Knowing that it's just the five months I have no problem at all paying the tax amount, it's the $30 collection fee I'm having an issue with. The tax department was open today, and after being very frustrated with them not understanding my problem ("Your taxes have been prorated," "I know they have, that's okay, it's this collection fee when this is the first bill I've..." "You still have to pay the taxes on the five months," "I know, it's the collection fee I have a problem with.") I was finally told that all I can do is send a letter to the review board to see if they'll refund me.

Who wants to take the bet I'll ever see that $30 again?

Also, yes, I did print out a copy of my on-line receipt after paying through their website. Just in case.
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I ordered a laptop from an online retailer which rhymes with Hell. Which is kinda apt.

They phone me back to say, "Sorry, such and such a device is incompatible with XP. Would you like to go with Vista or downgrade the device?" So far so good. Please do the downgrade, because I'm not touching Vista with a barge pole for at least 6 months yet. Thanks for calling to let me know.

So I get the contract through from their finance department, only to find that not only had they changed the device, they had changed the terms so that instead of 30% interest over 3 years, I'd be paying 95% minimum. Not. Going. To. Happen. I emailed the person in question back to say "These aren't the terms I selected. Please change them back."

She managed to change them to even longer terms with yet more interest.

Sorry, madam, I don't actually care if I win your awkward customer of the year award. That is sharp practice. Please cancel the finance agreement and the order. I will place it again with the correct terms.

So instead of cancelling the finance agreement, I get a pretty threatening e-mail from her boss telling me I need to sign and return the contract. NOW.

Sugar, my job is a role which requires quite a lot of finance work, and that wil not wash. Especially since you are trying to force me to agree to terms I wasn't happy with in the first place. So I phoned him.

And yes, I kinda see where he's coming from about not applying for a second agreement and cancelling the first from a credit rating PoV, but do not tell me the terms you keep trying to put me on mean I will pay less. That is what is called a lie. Lieing will cause me to report you to trading standards. Oh? What's that? You've miraculously found the original terms I selected? Colour me surprised and put me through to your manager right now so that I can make a nice formal complaint.
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I went to this bistro place with my boyfriend to get some lunch and this is a pretty nice place, the kind where you order food and they give you that blinky buzzer thing and you come back up when it goes off to get your food. I ordered first and everyone in my party ordered after me. And I guess I can sort of blame what happened next on the fact that so many people ordered veggie burgers on my line.

We're sitting and my boyfriend who ordered after me and got basically the same thing as me has his beeper go off first. I wait another fifteen minutes and see several other customers get their burgers and I go up to the counter to ask if anything is wrong with my order. The girl just stands there and blinks at me for a minute trying to tell me that my beeper will go off when my order is ready after I explain to her three times that it's been about 15-20 minutes since I ordered, and point to the bit on the menu about how it takes 5-10 minutes for orders to come out.

Finally she goes back (and this is the part that bothers me) and instead of just asking the cooks to please key in my order again (because it's likely that she beeped the wrong person when my order came up and let them walk off with it as a lot of people ordered veggie burgers) she starts getting really rude and snappy with the line chef. It's an open kitchen thing so not only can I see the food being prepared, which is nice, but I can hear her trying to pass her mistake off on this cook who keeps explaining to her that he only cooks what comes up on the computer screen and nothing else because he's not psychic.

I would normally call this a bit of a coworker suck except that then because this chef is now so agitated he makes my burger again and does it all hastily and awful. Instead of it being this nicely crafted item that looks all picture perfect like my boyfriend's, it looks like the components of the burger were dropped on the plate from a height of 6 feet with the bun all greasy on top, my fries burnt and a whole tomato cut partway in to slices just shoved under the bun. Ugh, thanks.