December 25th, 2007


So Im new, and I've been reading the horror stories here, and Im not sure mine is exactly the same, but I didnt know where else to post this.

My sister and I heard a commercial on the radio about a promotion Ruckers, ( An arcade-type place for kids) was having, where if you purchased $60 in gift certificates, you'd recieve a free ipod shuffle. We figured hey, how cool is that? So we went in and took them up on the offer.

We went in and asked them about the promotion, and we paid for the gift vouchers, and the cashier handed us the ipod and said
"Here's your ipod type thingy"

What she handed us wasn't in a box. It was the mp3 player in a plastic case, and then she handed us the charger and the disk separate. The disk looked like it was a copy of something, made at someones basement, rather than by a company as big as apple.

My sister took it home, and wrapped it, and I opened my gifts this morning to find that she had given it to me.
I was excited, so I opened the little plastic box to fish out the player, and it had scratches on it, and didn't have the apple logo.
There was no instruction manual, and when I put the disk in my computer it installed something and keeps asking me for a username/password
My computer doesn't respond when I plug the player in, and I know it's not my computer thats malfunctioning, because it's less than 3 months old.

I plugged in the headphones to find that there was already music on it. A big wtf.

Now I keep getting these pop up things on my computer from the program I installed, and they arent even english, and my computer has slowed down alot.
It keeps freezing and freaking out, and I've tried to uninstall it, and my computer just freezes up.

Before I was having problems with my computer, we tried installing it on my sisters computer, and hers was getting the same thing -- asking for a username and password.

Now she's gettitng the weird pop-ups and freezing

Im so frustrated, because my compuer is screwed, and now hers is too, and we're stuck with this piece of shit ipod but not really ipod thing.

Im going to call first thing tomorrow, but what is reasonable to ask of them?
I mean, they can't be advertising it as an ipod when it's not, can they?

So what should I tell them/expect from them?

Thank you so very much to anyone who can help

ps; I tried posting pictures, but in the preview, my cut didn't work =(