December 23rd, 2007

Smooth Criminal

Pharmacy Bad Service

This is my first Bad Service post evar! :) The Giant Eagle Pharmacy by my house sucks. Every. Single. Time I try to get something filled fuckwittery occurs. Yesterday was no different. The only reason I went there was this particular medicine has 2 refills left there. Next time I need to fill it I'm going somewhere else and having the script transferred.

I called in a prescription using their automated system on Wednesday afternoon. I finally had the money/a second to stop by and pick it up. When I got there I was given two excuses as to why it wasn't ready. "We've been having issues with our auto system relaying the refill to us" and then after they looked it up in their system I was told "Your insurance's site was down when you called it in so that's why it wasn't filled" Okay. If you knew the site was down when I called it in, a phone call stating that would have been nice. It also would have been nice for you to fill it when you knew the system would be back up rather than just letting it hang out in limbo land. I had to wait almost 45 minutes for medicine that should have already been filled when I arrived. Almost everyone who came up to the pharmacy desk who had called in prescriptions was told that the auto system wasn't working. Why they haven't looked into FIXING IT is beyond me.

The real gem? The lady who checked me out was pulled from customer service to help out. She whispered to me that "You're not the only one that has issues with our pharmacy, that's why I get my prescriptions filled at Walgreens" If the store employees don't trust your pharmacy techs? That's an issue.  

Another nice comment was the lady who told the pharmacy tech that "It's okay if my husband drops dead because he doesn't have his blood pressure medicine. Our insurance is paid up and I know a good lawyer"  

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Maybe all of you good people in the food industry can tell me why, whenever we go to restaurants, the servers always, persistently, forget to bring us our rolls after we've been seated? (As in, in the end we have to ask for them.)

Wait, I'm not done. How about when, today, after we asked the waitress whether the restaurant had discontinued rolls altogether, she said that she usually brings them after the orders are taken. Be serious, bringing them at the same time as the entrees themselves rather defeats the point of them.

Sorry if that sounded petty. It's just that it seems to happen so often.