December 20th, 2007

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Dear Sierra Pacific Power Company:

What the hell is with this Disconnect For Nonpayment notice? I know for sure I paid, and your automated system says my current balance is $0.00. It also says "DO NOT MAIL PAYMENT." Of course I'm not going to mail a payment, since I don't owe anything.

If this is an April Fool's joke, it isn't very funny and it's also four months early.

Besides, I really doubt you'd cut off someone's power on December 24. That would SO be not cool.

No love,

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hair update

Hair Update

Unfortunately the camera isn't working right now so I cant show new photos but I went back to the salon today and spoke with the owner K. She was incredibly sympathetic and upset that I was upset. I didn't talk to MK who had done my hair yesterday but I found it interesting that he was doing someones hair the same way he did mine and she was saying NO NO NO.

Anyway They were able to fit me in with MZ who had done my hair before, actually when I spoke with MZ she said I am so sorry about a million times and fixed it the best she could. She agreed that we could bob it but she knew that that is not what I really wanted so she blended the chunks. Its still shorter than I wanted it but it looks OK.

I didn't pay for the fix but tipped MZ rather well for re-arranging her schedule and starting her shift early in order to do my hair.

All in all I will go back to the salon but I wont let the first guy near me.

Thank you all for your support and understanding.