December 19th, 2007

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I work in a call centre for a credit card company, and I got a call from a bank earlier.  It seemed that when someone had taken a payment over the phone, they'd keyed in the amount wrong, and instead of paying £8.50, the customer had been charged £850.  The bank had given them the money, and was now trying to claim it back from us, but their service wasn't perfect, either - that account had been moved from us to another company years before.

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So I'm looking for some guidance, as I'm a bit ticked off to be thinking clearly.

I signed up for a free trial of Rhapsody. When I got it all set up, I tried to use it, only to find that it would not work with my operating system. So, I called to cancel.

I spoke with a woman who must have misunderstood me, because when I explained I was calling to cancel my account, she said that I did not have an active account. I gave her my email address, she gave me my account number (which I already had, so she was confirming it), so indeed we were talking about my account. She said there was nothing to cancel, which I took to mean I had not activated anything, I was assured I would not be charged, I went on my way.

Of course, I got charged. I saw it on my account this morning. I'm going to call them, but how do I explain this to them without sounding like an idiot, and what is reasonable to ask of them?

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Dear  Anna's Linens,

Your employees suck.  Plain and simple.  I've attempted to buy things from your store 4 times in the past few months.

How is it that a store can have 6 employees and not a single one on the floor to answer questions/help customers?  Why is it that they insist on being in the 'back' of the store, laughing and carrying on and not be out doing their job?  

Your prices are awesome which is why we stopped in to get the necessary tableclothes/napkins/etc for the holidays.  And, yes I would have purchased what I needed from your store but it was kind of hard to do that when there's no one around to check me out...and the 4 others standing in line.  Thankfully a really nice lady who saw what was going on and informed us of the awesome sale going on at Kohl's.  

No, we didn't put anything back.  We left it on the counter so your employees - if they ever came out - actually had something to do.

Don't expect me to shop in your store until you do something about this problem.

No love from me... 

PS:  Saved much more by shopping at Kohls - can't beat 70% and more off!

(Email to the national office via their website was sent on Saturday.  I've heard nothing back.  2 messages left for the store manager go unreturned.)

Bad service is...

Going in for a hair cut.
Telling the hair guy that you just want a trim and you love your curls.
And ending up with this:

Oh and the kicker, My hair is now completely unevenly cut and I hate it:

Edited with before photo: