December 18th, 2007

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ok so i have to start this by saying that the person who totally sucked was not only the person who was serving me but me as well. I am just posting to get it out of my system. I realize people will think i'm a jackass.

Friday: my pc is acting weird. Icons are disappearing and folders are not shoing up in my outlook. looks like trouble. I try to diagnose myself but there are alot of items that the Company Help Desk can use that I as a local admin cannot. So i call

HD: Help Desk (1,2,3)
Me: former helpdesk person now system administrator for enterprise application

HD: 'goes thru my applications' why do you have this skin
ME: sorry i know i shouldn't but it's christmas, take if off if you like
HD: asks about other apps like Adobe captivate, 101 VB Scripts, SQL Server, etc. asks for business reasons
ME: provides reasons related to the enterprise application
HD Lvl one: happy and nice, promotes me to level 2 because he thinks my profile may be corrupt


HD Lvl 2: 'goes thru my applications' why do you have this skin
ME: sorry i know i shouldn't but it's christmas, take if off if you like
HD LVL 2: what's your Job Title
ME: my official one is PM 2
HD: this is not your PC, it's company so you should not have skins
ME: fine take it off but please diagnose my propblem
HD: i cannot with all these other non approved applications, why do you have dobe captivate, 101 VB Scripts, SQL Server, etc? THis is not your PC.
ME: Please stop. Please diagnose my problem
HD: *mute*
Me: *mute* swearing
HD: I'm transferring you to level 3
ME: FINE!! (exasperated)

HD Lvl 3
Logs on as administrator
redoes my profile
notices that my problem still exists
does a disk check
notices that i have been having warnings and errors for about 2 weeks
schedules re-image
gets after me for the skin (but in a nice way)
comes to get my PC and life is good.

Now there are going to be times that company approved items are going to be on my pc like when i'm testing Flex 3, rationale, sql 2008, etc. although my job title says PM2, my actual job is to know any and all technology related to the enterprise application that i support, implement, and develope along with 2 other people, world wide.

Meh? Service update

An update to the Victoria's Secret situation: (refer to )

Last Saturday I went back to Victoria's Secret with the same coupon card. I had heard great things of the So Sexy hair conditioner, so I decided to get that (with a $9.50 price tag). I was kinda giddy to see how the staff would react to that.

So I go to the counter and the cashier immediately says: "No, that won't work."
Me: This happened to me last week...but I called corporate and they said I could use it, because it doesn't say on the card that I have to have a $10 minimum.
Cashier: Okay, but it won't work.
Me: Okay, call corporate.
Cashier: But it won't work.
Me: ....Call corporate. They'll agree with me.
Cashier: But I can't call corporate! They're all the way in OHIO!
Me: But cashiers have called before to look up my Angels card information...
Cashier: That's different, we're calling a credit card company.
Me: Okay, I understand, but you could still TRY to call corporate..
Cashier: *frustrated* *picks up the phone* Jen, I need to talk to you. *to me* I need to talk to the manager. *walks away*

*3 minutes later, she comes back*

Cashier: *a bit miffed* Well the way we'll have to do it is totally different than what we're supposed to do.
Me: I don't mind what method you use. I'm not mad at you....I just had this happen before with this same card and the manager was rude and told me I couldn't use it when the card should let me use it and corporate agreed.
Cashier: Well I'm just going to have to take the coupon and not even scan it so corporate won't even know you used it. The cash register won't ring it up right.,
Me: Okay....listen, I'm not mad....and I appreciate your help. Thank you.
Cashier: *puts conditioner in bag and shoves it at Me* No problem. Have a nice day.


I was expecting this to happen, and I kinda felt bad for her, but she didn't even bother to try to call corporate.
I understand if she was having a bad day, but if I had been in her position, I would have been as apologetic as possible and tried to call corporate and do whatever I could to remedy the situation. I did end up getting to use the card, so I'm glad for that. I haven't received the gift card from VS Corporate yet either. 

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What's the best address to write Comcast at so that someone who matters will read it?

You see, about three months after my roommates moved out of their old apartment and to a new house with me, Comcast decided it would be more fun to start applying the roommate's payments to his old address (his name was on both accounts) and send us a past due notice.

When we were having connectivity issues, I called to complain and was told the account was past due in a very snippy manner reserved for the delinquent. I let him transfer me to the pay by phone service and paid for two months (the past due and current charges). At this point, I did not know I was paying for the old address.

I yell at my roommate when he gets home because, obviously, I think he's been welching on the bills. He shows me proof that he has paid. I call back and the second rep discovers the problem, and says that both the October payment and the payment I made tonight will be credited to the account.

This month, we get another past due bill, this time for two months, plus a current month. I call, and am told, again in a terribly bitchy manner, that the October payment was never switched, and that this is apparently not Comcast's fault. This rep claims she cannot find my November payment on the old account, so I assume that this is on the other account. She claims that this leaves one month due on the account, and she recommends I pay it immediately. I ask to be transferred to the retention department.

Joe in customer retention says that all this is our fault and Comcast will do nothing. We are collecting our bank statements for evidence of every cent we've sent to Comcast, and are probably going to small claims court. We'll start with a letter though.

EDIT: After combing through bank statements, we have lined up payments with months and found that the only thing that wasn't transferred was the October payment, which means they haven't actually lost any of our money. Not that you would know that from talking to the reps, who aren't going to credit us the late fees we've gotten for having an account 'past due' for the last three months.