December 17th, 2007


Free food?

The hubby got drenched in diesel at work yesterday, luckly it was very cold and he was wearing insulated bibs so it only got on them.
We needed a trip to the laundermat.. giant bibs soaked in diesel fuel = not in my washer!!

I never carry cash so we also needed an ATM. We live in a little hick town and it's Sunday evening so we already had to drive 10miles or so to the next town where there is a 24 laundermat, my bank with an ATM etc. ATM only gives out 20's so we need change. We decide to go through McDonalds and get our 4yr old a happy meal (she'll be happy while sitting at the laundermat) aha

We order, the girl tells us to go the 1st window, which we can't for almost 10minutes because someone else is trying to pay. Finally we get up there, noone is around, we sit and sit finally she comes over to the drawer next to the window and stands there ON HER CELL PHONE..never once looking at us. Finally hubby gets mad and pulls up to the 2nd windw, thinking he'll just pay there.

Now let me telll you that hubby is EXTREMELY honest, would NEVER not pay for something, never one to try to "take" someone etc.

The girl opens the window, hubby is holding the 20 in his hand out the window, she (NO LIE) hands him the happy meal n drink together....CLOSES THE WINDOw AND WALKS AWAY!!! WTF?? Hubby is now PISSED. He sits there fuming for a minute or two, NOONE comes near the window and finally he pulls away, fuming all the way. Now me? I'm mad because I didn't get change. ahha =/

Quest Diagnostics

This is only kind of bad service, and it has a semi-happy ending. (BTW, long-time lurker delurking here!)

This has been going on about a year. I'm currently on the phone on hold with them trying to get this figured out. I've been on hold for about 10 minutes now.

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mlb: panic

hallmark and the blind.

I'm a Nurse, I have a couple of blind friends I made this year. I had no idea where to get x-mas cards for the blind, but have been told by other nurses that the hallmark in the mall was selling some xmas cards that had braille. So I go to the hallmark and can't find the cards, found some crazy xmas russian ones but no cards for the blind, and I can't find anyone on the floor, so I wait in the longest time to ask where I can find these braille xmas cards. As I get to the front of the line I ask where I can find the xmas cards and I get this.

Me: I'm looking to buy some xmas cards with braille for the type set.
Them: .. Braille? For the blind?
Me: Yeah, I was thinking I needed about four of them.
Them: Why would you get the blind a card, they can't see?
Me: .... erm. So do you have them?
Them: No. (she and her other coworker look at each other like I'm a dork) I don't think it's right to buy a card for the blind people. You'll hurt their feelings.

And then people in line start to get annoyed that I'm not buying anything and the group start to snicker and I leave empty handed... I leave feeling almost ashamed that I would want to give my blind friend a xmas card. Damn, hallmark really knows how to kill someone a little inside.
Time in Circles


Yesterday I'm wandering down generic mall with a friend and we have to walk past this kiosk selling jewelry and jewelry cleaner. It’s on one of those branches where there aren’t a lot of people because there really aren’t many stores on it and the ones that are seem to be the sort of thing that most people don’t bother with anyway. R and I aren’t really interested in the kiosk but then R sees these sparkly blue earrings that have gift potential so we stop. The woman running the kiosk comes up and asks if maybe we’d like some jewelry cleaner. She’d even give a free demo, which seems (going by her vaguely waving hands) to consist of putting the jewelry into a bowl of oily looking water. We both say thanks but no. This should be the end right? Wrong.

She grabs my hand and starts examining the ring I’m wearing. I don’t mean just a casual look see either. She’s got my hand up by hers face and she’s squinting at the ring. I try to get my hand back but she hangs on. So I ask her to let go. She looks at me and says sorry but doesn’t actually let go. Instead she starts dragging my hand towards the demo bowl insisting that once I’ve seen the power of the cleaner I’ll never stop using it. I’m thoroughly creeped out by this point and pull away as hard as possible. So now I’ve got my hand free and R and I are both starting to leave when she starts telling me that I owe her for the cleaner. We didn’t stick around to find out what was going to happen next just beat a hasty retreat but we could hear her ranting behind us.

On Comcast: The Evil Empire

I don't know what other parts of the country/world have Comcast as an ISP/Cable Provider, but here in Houston, they dominate cable and internet provision. There are a few other options, but since I've just sunk money into startup fees for my new account, it would be rough for me to switch. Anyway, on to the bad service.

My cable is on the fritz and the internet is completely down. I had an appointment with them yesterday, from 2-5. They showed up at 5:10. After a few minutes of looking around, they told me that they had identified the problem: the outside cable had been weathered and would need fixing. Unfortunately, the cable guy did not have cable to accomplish this task, and I would need to call and reschedule the appointment. "Can you reschedule for me?" I asked. No.

I called and waited on the phone for 10 minutes to reschedule for today.

I waited for three hours today for the men to arrive. They showed up about 2.75 hours into my three hour block, and would you believe that they were not equipped to handle the problem? For some reason, they informed me that someone else would need to come out. They would schedule the appointment for me, but I would need to phone them up to find out what time the appointment was for. So, this is coming up on 9 hours I will have devoted to waiting for Comcast by tomorrow. Should I quit my job, and just devote all of my time to waiting for the cable guy for the rest of my life!??

This is the worst company in the world. And they refused to allow me to lodge a complaint over the phone until I demanded it. Do not let the jovial Comcast astronaut of the commercials fool you. They are horrible.

I hate them I hate them I hate them I hate them ^%$&^*##argh
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So I'm at Macy's today and I find this really great little Guess envelope clutch in satin leopard that I had been eyeballing a few weeks earlier, and now it was on the sale rack so I knew I had to have it. But the tag was missing so I approach an associate:

Me: This purse doesn't have a price tag, can you help me find out how much it costs?

SA: Sure! (looks through the same rack of purses I just obviously looked through) ... well it looks like that's the last one of that purse so I can't find the price for you.

Me: Can you look it up in the inventory? I remember how much it cost before it went on sale. I think I remember the style name too.

SA: Um... No I can't.

Me: So what do we do then, I'd like to buy this.

SA: You can't.

Me: ...What?

SA: It's now not for sale.

Me: So it's out on the rack but I'm not allowed to buy it?

SA: Yeah, I guess it will just sit here for a while, till we get another one or something...

Me: But I want this purse, it's for sale and I'll pay whatever you tell me it costs.

SA: No, you'll just have to come back when we get another one.

Me: That's... interesting.

And then she just reached over and took the purse right out of my hands, put it right back on the rack and walked off. So now some other poor person can be irritated that it's on display but not for sale. I suppose I could have pressed the matter and tried to find another associate to try again but I was so irritated that I just left.

Plus you know that if I had picked up an obviously $300something purse and not a $40ish one she would have gone and looked up the price instead of telling me that this purse is now purely decorative.

Bad internet

Over the weekend I had an interesting bit of bad service with my ISP. I won't call them by name (because they have more money and power than the Gods) but that name is [1st Initial 2nd Initial & repetition of 2nd initial].

I turned on my computer, planning to go online. I got a message that I only had local access, but no internet connection. I've gotten this message before and have called Tech Support for it and I now know exactly what to say to the tech who answers in order to get it resolved quickly.

Not so much this time.

This is the gist of the conversation:

Me: Hi. My internet connection is down. Your server for my area needs to be rebooted because the signal has ceased to register. [this is exactly what an earlier rep told me to say and it has always worked before]

Tech: No, sir, that is not possibly the problem. What message are you getting?

Me: Access = Local Only

Tech: Obviously your machine is not connecting as it should. Here's what we need to do. Go to the Start button on your computer...

Me: Excuse me, but the problem is with your server.

Tech: No, sir! It is not. Now go to your Start button.

This continues for two hours. He tries to get my computer settings to reconfigure to something that will allow me to connect to their server. The problem is that all my settings are already exactly where he wants to put them. This does not make him happy.

Two hours later, with a note of triumph in his voice, the tech says: Sir, we have found the problem. The signal to your server has ceased to register, so we are going to have to reboot the server.

Me: That's exactly what I said two hours ago.

Tech: There's no way you could have known that, sir. There is no need to lie. Good night.

Me: I'd like to speak to a supervisor.

Tech: F*ck off. {click}

Well, that was certainly fun. I have a letter off to management.

(no subject)

We used to have a van. Said van died a great transmission death and it would cost more to get it fixed than it was worth. We took the van off of our insurance and turned in the tags. All done, right?

Oh no. We got a letter in the mail that we owed the DMV money for not bringing the van in to have it's emissions checked and then a fine for not having it done on time.

See, in North Carolina, if you don't bring your car in on time to get it's admissions checked, they send you a fine and then to collections almost immediately because you have broken the law.

This, in itself, is not bad service. Most states have laws like this.

The problem is that North Carolina doesn't actually keep track of anything and doesn't know anything beyond the fact that you happen to own a car younger than a certain year.

So, according to NC theory, even if that car is not being driven because it is dead, even though it's not covered by insurance, nor is legal to drive because it has no tags, you STILL must bring it in and get it inspected and it's emissions checked. Oh yes.

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