December 13th, 2007

Sanzo's happy face

One was eh, no problem. Two was grumble-worthy. Three was a post to bad_service.

Yesterday I ran a bunch of errands. Unfortunately, yesterday also seemed to be my day for people overcharging me. It happened three freaking times, and of course I only caught one of them immediately. The first two wouldn't really be post-worthy, but dangit, three times in one day! If I'm posting the last, I'm going to post all three.

First was at Michaels. One of my items got scanned a second time as it was being put in the bag. (Super easy to do at Michaels. I did it myself too many times when I worked there.) Luckily, I was specifically spending a certain amount, so I was able to say "Er, something's not right here" before I paid.

Second was at PetSmart. I was getting collars and tags for my two cats. I was tired, so when the total came to just shy of $50 it didn't click in my brain except to think, "Gee, that was more than I expected..." As I drove away I thought, "Wait, collars were $6 each, tags were $6.50 each, and that only adds up to $25." So at a red light I check my receipt and sure enough, the dog food from the people before me had gotten scanned on my transaction as it was going into their cart. I went back, explained what happened, and got a refund no problem.

Third hasn't been resolved yet. I was still tired, so I ordered pizza from Papa John's because I love their Cinnaswirl dessert. Ordered on-line, but then I got a call from them saying they were out of the Cinnaswirl pies. Sadness! There wasn't anything else I wanted, so I had them take those off (I had ordered two). Because it was an Internet order, they had to cancel that order and resubmit it without the dessert. It honestly took about 5 minutes on hold for them to get that part sorted out. When my pizza arrived it was lukewarm as well as cooked and cut weird, but it was pizza and nummy anyway. Besides, it was about 20 degrees F out, so lukewarm pizza happens. However, as I was going to bed I realized, "Wait, my order had been $22, dessert pizza was $6 for the two, but my new total was $20..." Checked my receipt. Yeah, I had gotten the special when I ordered on-line, but they charged me full price when they resubmitted it. The other stuff is no big deal, but I'm trying to get out of debt, and that's my dang $4! I'm going to be calling the restaurant today when they're open to sort it out.

EDIT: Argh! I just checked my bag from Michaels. The item that they double-charged me for? Not actually in there. Apparently it never made it into the bag.

EDIT 2: Sorry, it looks like I wasn't clear enough. The desserts had nothing to do with the special. The special price was only for the pizzas themselves.
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Okay, so you really DON'T want me to pay you!

Alright. They're getting on my nerves now.

This is a follow up to this post.

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EDIT 3:47 P.M.:

I just came back from the post office. I sent a letter, stating that this is the third attempt to make a payment to that account, and that if this payment is refused, I will be contacting FDIC as well as their CEO. I sent it certified, insured, and with an electronic return receipt. I have notified my bank that I have written the check, and they have assured me that the money is in my account - it was returned from the last time.

Only time will tell from this point. If they don't have it by Monday and they tack on a late fee, I will call and make damn sure it's taken off. I'm not paying a late fee because they don't know how to run a business.
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Overstock dot SUCK

So, we bought my sister, M, a TV/DVD combo from Overstock for her birthday. Had it shipped directly to her, since she's in CA and we're in MO. It arrived 2 weeks after it was ordered, in time for her birthday. The UPS driver dropped it off on her porch and left. Never knocked or rang the bell. She was home. (Separate suck there).
When M gets the box, it has been opened and re-taped. The invoice/ packing slip is now missing from the box, along with the "Happy Birthday" card they were supposed to include. She called us to find out who sent it. She pulles the TV out of the box, and it it burnt, the back is completely melted, and there are black smoke streaks on the TV screen.
We contact Overstock, "oops, sorry, we'll send her a return label and ship out a new TV". Great, except the sent US the return label instead of her.
We contact them again. "Send us back the label and we'll issue a new one for her" We asked about the new TV, they said they'd send it out, but they would have to charge us for it, and then credit it right back when they received the burnt TV back. Not great, but we understood.
M called today, her replacement TV is there. (No return label yet.) The back of the TV is broken. It has a chunk about 2x2 missing, the front frame is cracked on the corner and there is no remote and no owners manual.
Get in touch with Overstock AGAIN...they are out of the TV's now. Their solution...keep the defective, broken TV with no remote or owners manual, and they'll give us $20.00 off. We don't even know if it works, she never bothered to plug it in after she saw it.
Sorry, no deal. Not taking a $250+ TV that is defective, for $230. That's just silly. They said they'd ship out another return label to send that one back, too. Who knows where that one will end up. Now we have 2 return labels out in limbo land somewhere, and 2 deffective TV's sitting in my sister's living room taking up space. Nothing for her for her birthday, and we're out over $500 until they get the TV's back, when M gets the return labels.
Of course, this all started back in November with the original order, and will most likely not be completed until January with holiday shipping delays. So, even though we will get the money back, we're paying interest on the charges on the credit card for 2 billing cycles, which will not be credited back, and there is no more room on the card now, to buy another TV or other gift for my sister.
Having a December birthday screws her out of gifts because it's so close to Christmas to begin with, which is why we wanted to be extra nice this year, in the end, she gets nothing, and has to wait till sometime in January to get anything at all.
Overstock has no quality control. They do not check their merchandise before it leaves the warehouse, and they and not very helpful when you have a problem.
My recomendation is Avoid!!!
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I know we're evil high school students, but...

The story below about the mall kiosk reminded me of this. It happened six years ago, but it still annoys me.

It's around the winter holidays. I'm 16 at the time, in high school, and I make plans with some of my friends to go hang out at the local mall. I call my boyfriend, who agrees to pick me up and come along.

Some quick facts before we go farther:

1. My boyfriend parked near the movie theater attached to the mall. the food court, which is where my friends parked, is on the opposite side of the mall.
2. My boyfriend is very quiet. Very shy. He didn't say much.
3. It is northeastern Pennsylvania in the winter. Aka freezing. And I dont have a coat.

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tinyblue harpa

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 I had forgotten how lovely and useful this community was, so I am finally stopping my lurking after reading the archives. Huzzah.

The first is fairly minor, but both are medical rants. Enjoy, and by "enjoy" I mean "laugh at my misfortune".

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Dear Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority,

Please tell me how I can board the z29 bus. Obviously, standing in the entrance and starting to walk on isn't it, because that's what I was doing this evening, one minute before it was scheduled to leave, and your driver shut the doors in my face and drove away even though I was knocking on the door.

However, I commend you on this effort to try to keep to the schedule. Of course, this commitment would have been nicer last July when the bus NEVER arrived (not just late, just no bus until the next one arrived), or last August when I waited for a bus that arrived 20 minutes late, which is a good trick considering my stop at the library is only the second stop on the line. (I'd have more examples, but I try to avoid taking your buses.)

However, it would be nice if you could give me a clue on how to board one of your buses, because I would like to be able to walk to my bus stop when it is snowing. (I hate driving in the snow but my employer likes me to show up if the accumulation is under 12 inches.) Do I need to wear a special hat? Is there a dance I need to do before I climb on? Please let me know, as snow is predicted.

No love,

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Dear Gamestop Employee

Do not tell me I'm stupid for purchasing a regular Game Boy Advance instead of the SP. Why yes, I do know that the SP has a backlight. No, it doesn't matter that the regular GBA isn't as bright. Yes, you can play the GBA at night. It's called playing near a lamp, or hell, even buying a light for it off Ebay. No, I don't wan to upgrade it to a DS. Please don't call me stupid for not doing that either.

No love


I went to my local Gamestop (which used to be an Electronics Boutique) to pick up a GBA for my cousins' for Christmas. I've had both the regular GBA and the SP. The regular was more than sufficient for the kids.

I've been buying games at this location for the last 8 years or so. I know the manager and most of the employees. They never give me shit about what I buy. I guess this was a new guy or something, but it still doesn't excuse his behavior.