December 10th, 2007


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I'm fairly irritated with my local chain store. You know the type; they don't have to offer good service because the prices are so low you'll keep coming back anyway.

It seems about every fourth trip, I come home without one of my bags. I just assume when the cashier stops handing me bags and says, "Have a good day/morning/night!" that my bags are all in my hand or cart. Yet all too often I come home and discover I am missing about six items. I call the store and sure enough, they are at the customer service counter, where I can drive all the way back and pick them up if I have my receipt. I have even started asking, "How many bags do I have?" before the cashier starts handing them to me. This has cut down on the occasions that I don't get one of my bags, though I still often have to say, "That's only four, is there another one?" before I get my fifth bag.

Last night I bought a few things and, as always, asked the cashier how many bags I had. She answered, "Four." All right. So she hands me my four bags and I leave. When I get home and start unpacking, I am missing my bread, popcorn, and my eggs. I call up the store and sure enough, it's at the customer service counter. By this time it is snowing and there is no way I am driving back there to pick them up, so I ask if I can just come by tomorrow.

Her: "Sure thing! They'll be here waiting for you. Just have your receipt."

Me: "Could you maybe put the eggs back in the refrigerator until I get them?"

Her: *long pause* "Um...Hang on, and I'll ask a manager."

WTF? First the cashier doesn't give me all my items, even though I asked her how many bags I had, and now this lady wants to leave my eggs at room temp all night and most of the day?


EDIT: I guess I should explain that the bags on on a carousel by the cashier. It has seven or so sets of bags on it, and spins around. I can't see all the places bags could be filled without actually getting behind the counter by the cashier, which I have been reluctant to do since it seems rude. If they were simply set on a counter by the cashier, it would be easy to see if I had all my bags or not.

Kinda Peeved

Background Info: Tonight I'm staying with a few friends in the cities. The reason behind this is that there's a party going on with the 4 of us and we'd prefer to be responsible adults (a.k.a not drink & drive). Thus sleepover YAY!
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I've never had someone have to look at my driver's license TWICE with a magnifying glass. Apparently in the cities kids must be great at making fake IDs.
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Red Cross Bad Service

Back-story: I adore the Red Cross! I've been volunteering with my local chapter for more than five years and have been donating blood since I became eligible at age seventeen, which means I've donated more than a gallon of blood in four years. Needless to say, I have a much higher tolerance for incompetence at my favorite non-profit organization and am generally a nice and bubbly person.
But, today. Today, I waited forty minutes to donate with an appointment!
I had made an appointment two weeks ago for 01:30 P.M. today. This was the perfect time, because I it was right after my last morning class and two hours before my last class of the day. I arrived at my appointment and signed in at 01:20 P.M. There were two people ahead of me; two more appointments arrived right afterward.
The normal system for calling donators in to give blood is to call three appointments in, then a walk-in. It even states on the walk-in slip, "Please be patient while we serve those with donations first; we will get to you as soon as possible." Why is it then, that two additional walk-ins showed up and were taken in before me? Additionally, at the thirty-five minute mark, the history nurse called a walk-in's number, when he had not even been seated in the waiting area for three minutes? By this point, I had enough. I asked the triage nurse, "Excuse me, but there's three appointments who have been waiting for thirty-five or so minutes. Shouldn't we be taken in first?" The nurse then stated, "We're trying to catch up on walk-ins, by alternating walk-ins and appointments. We don't want them to wait for a long time. We'll get to you as soon as we can; you'll probably be next." WHAT? I'm sorry, but by that point, I just wanted to leave. Why should I bother making an appointment to donate, if you're just going to take the next person who shows up? That completely defeats the purpose!
I was actually called in next, making my wait just over forty minutes. The nurse who called me in was shocked at how long I had been waiting and told all the other nurses to catch up on appointments. I've never had to wait more than fifteen minutes to give blood, when I've made an appointment, even at really busy locations. Until today.
The worst part about the whole situation was that the excessively long wait made me very nearly late for my last class... I hate being late, especially during the last week of school! :|
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Get it together!

I never thought I'd be making a post here. I hope that somewhere there's someone from my town and knows never to lease from these people!

Backstory that leads up to this: I found an ad in the paper to sublease an apartment. It seemed perfect as the sublessor, Val, was offering to pay two months rent if we moved in asap. I go to Equity Real Estate to begin the paperwork, and tell them multiple times that it's a sublease and ask if I need to pay anything. I'm met with a "no, all we need is your application!" The day I come in to turn in my paperwork, the same girl I've been working with all along suddenly says "Oh you're SUBLEASING! Well in that case, that means you owe us $400 deposit and $200 subleasing fee." At that point, I pay it and am later reimbursed by Val. I'm told I'd be given a call when my paperwork goes through and be given a date on when I can move in. It'd be two days at the most.

A week goes by and nothing. Finally I call them and find out that the paperwork has needed some addition and changes and no one bothered to call me! I do the changes and again am told that it'd be a couple of days. Three days go by and I call back again and learn that I was cleared to move in the same day I did the changes. Ugh! On top of that, I'm given a new key while the previous tenants still have their copies...

We get to now. Supposedly everything is in the clear. I'm good and dandy, and really enjoy this place if it weren't for the management. Our water heater goes out on Sunday night. We have no hot water and no heater and it's getting pretty chilly out. I call Equity and they say that they'll send someone out Monday between 8 - 5 and to just be sure that I'm there. No one has yet to arrive.

Now to top everything off, my mother called me to say that Equity called her. The woman on the phone that she spoke to was very badgering and demanding payment on past due rent. ...Rent should have already been paid until January and they should have called me first! I call Equity and inform them that the check wouldn't be from me, and that it would be from the previous tenant. They call me back promptly and say that they've never had anything come in for my apartment number. Okay, the check might have gotten lost. I call Val and she tells me she'll call her bank. She did send the check out, and not only that, it had already been cashed. Val's bank sends the copies over to Equity, and only until I call them do I find out that I'm in the clear.

And oh, while I'm on the phone with them, I inquire as to when someone is going to come out and fix the water heater. Oh, it just so happens they forgot to put in the request for maintenence.

...ARG. I really, really love this apartment but the management is horrendous! If you're from my area, don't rent from them. Save yourself the headache.
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Follow-up from my previous post about Circuit City, by request.

Turns out the store manager kept his word. I turned my computer in for one even better than my old one. Good end to a bad story.
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