December 9th, 2007


Very bad service, breech of privacy

While I didn't witness this, I heard the entire thing from the manager. You couldn't help but hear. Even through the closed door.

What had happened was a young female with a young baby came into a store. She had pulled out her credit card to pay for the purchases and in her wallet, directly across from her driver's liscense was a concealed weapon's permit.

The cashier looked at her Id and saw the permit. The woman's purse was on the holding thing.

After seeing the concealed weapons permit. The Cashier ( I am guessing) decided to look into the woman's purse. There she saw a handgun.

After the woman signed the receipt and left the store, the cashier instantly told her manager that the female had a handgun in her purse. The manager in turn, called the cops.

After the woman had been questioned, she showed the permit. The cops apologized and sent the woman on her way.

When the cashier was questioned, she admitted she hadn't told the manager about the permit. Only that the woman had the gun.

However this cashier would have had to be very nosy, considering the gun was well hidden in the woman's purse and not even the customers behind her knew about the gun.

The manager was irate about the cashier leaving out the fact the woman had a permit when she told the manager about the gun. The woman did not pull the gun or even show it, let alone tell the cashier about it. The cops explained to the manager that the female was in fear, having left an abusive boyfriend under the threat of her and her child's life. She was not in the wrong, she did not show the gun, the permit was out in the open. That was the statement the cops gave. The cops also stated the gun was buried deep within the purse and the woman could not have buried it that deep in that short amount of time. However with the permit, she wasn't breaking any laws.

While I understand this cashier's concerns, what I think was bad form was the way she went about reporting said incident. The gun was never removed from the purse, never in the open. She never mentioned it to the cashier.

The reason I know about this was that I was in the check out line at the service desk whenever the manager let loose. I heard the cops statements also.

This got me to thinking. What gave this cashier the right to say something whenever the female wasn't a threat to anyone? She never pulled the gun, never threatened the cashier, she was just trying to protect herself and her child. I also wonder if the cashier would have reported the permit, even if the gun wasn't present. What gave this cashier the right to report a gun that wasn't drawn, wasn't shown to her personally and what made her forget to tell the manager about the permit?

Bad service and a very bad show of breech of privacy.