December 6th, 2007


Matter of Priciple Now

Typically I'm not much of a complainer unless the service is REALLY bad, and even then I don't usually expect anything above and beyond a simple apology.  Apparently this is far too hard of a concept for Pizza Hut to grasp...

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Ok, I know it's just 13 cents, and I know it wasn't a hugely expenseive dinner or anything, but right now I see it as Pizza Hut should be held responsible for their actions and should have to face the music, own up to it, and just apologize.  I've not turned into a raving lunatic, I didn't raise my voice with the CSR and demand compensation, I didn't type in caps in my online complaints.  All I want is a simple apology for a slight overcharge and poor quality of product, but apparently this is too difficult for Pizza Hut to grasp.  Maybe I need to get icky with them to get a response...

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Riiiiight (not bad but it annoyed me)

So, I swung by McDonalds on my way into work to grab something to eat for lunch. I asked for the 5 piece chicken selects meal with a sweet tea. Upon being asked if I wanted it medium or large (which is odd to me because they usually just go ahead and make that one large) I said medium, even though I knew they'd charge me the higher price for the medium tea since I didn't want all those extra fries that'd come in the large. I then asked for a second sweet tea (for those that don't know, sweet tea at McDonald's usually comes in a large cup and is on the dollar menu. Also, I think they lace it with crack. Mmm. Anyway...).

First off, though, when the guy asked me if I wanted anything else after I ordered my meal, he was already totaling it up on the screen as I asked for the second tea which then popped up on the screen by itself. I do wonder if this has bearing on what happened when I got my food.

I get to the window, do my pay thing, (and check my receipt to make sure it looks right) then pull up to the next window. The guy gives me my bag and a sweet tea in a large cup. Asks me if I want sauce (I don't) and then is all, "have a nice day!".

So I say, "Uh, I got two sweet teas." He blinks at me in confusion and asks, "you did?" and closes the window to presumably check something. Two seconds later, he's handing me another tea (also in a large cup) and says, "I don't think you did, but that's okay!" as if he's doing me a favor and giving me a free tea and not actually giving me something I ordered.

Yeah dude. Except my receipt specifically mentions two teas. Though yes, one was supposed to be a medium. And yes, I did drive away without correcting that. I was tempted to respond to the "but that's okay!" by waving the receipt at him but I didn't, I just thanked him and left.

I figure if the medium costs more than the large and I paid for the medium but got the large, it all evens out somewhere in there.
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Bad service from Pizza Hut

So at 8 pm I ordered a pizza and breadsticks online.  My order arrives more or less on time half an hour later, I answer the door, pay, tip 15%, and race back to my apartment as I'm missing valuable seconds of Grey's Anatomy.  The pizza is wonderful.  After a few slices, I open up my breadsticks... no sauce.  This is not the bad service so much.  I mean, hey, mistakes happen.  But  Naturally, I call to complain and see if they will fix this. 

Immediately I get put on hold... for five minutes.  Finally, he picks up again, and I explain the problem:

Me: Hi, I ordered some breadsticks, and they got here a few minutes ago, but I didn't get any sauce.
PH:  No sauce?
Me:  *No, I waited on hold five minutes just to fuck with you.*   Nope, no sauce.
PH: Okay... I'll get a manager.
Me: o.O  *This requires a manager?*

***hold for anothe***

PH: Hi, the manager says we can give you a free order of breadsticks next time you order...
Me: *That does not make the ones I already have edible...*
PH: ... or we can send you out some more sauce
Me: *Bingo.*  Some sauce would be good.
PH:  Okay, we'll run that right out.

An hour later, I still have no sauce.  My breadsticks are in the fridge and I am ready to go to bed.  Uptown Minneapolis Pizza Hut sucks.

nb: My thoughts are snarky because I am hungry and my hubby has been onthe other side of the country for a month and I am grumpy.  However, I was perfectly civil on the phone. 

Light-speed edit:  I just called to tell them to forget the sauce.  Finally I get an apology and they say I'm going to get a $5 credit.  Oddly enough, this does not seem to require a manager.  Who wants to place odds on whether or not I actually get the credit?

Next day edit:   Went out and got some pizza sauce so I could eat my breadsticks.  Only to realize that there is no seasoning on said breadsticks either, unless you count the one on the end that has cinnamon on it.  At least the tomato sauce helps.
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Sucko service at Dunkin' Donuts drive through.

I ordered a coffee, breakfast sandwich, and bagel, with coupon. I repeated how I wanted it, as the girl didn't sound too sure. I got to the window. The coffee was visibly not done as desired. No biggie. I asked nicely if she could top it off with a bit more cream. She did. I payed. I got my change. Then the suck began. I handed over a twenty for a five and change purchase. I got back a five and four ones. Hmm. Fortunately, I hold my change UP when I get it, as I count it before stowing, and do so VISIBLY. She looked ready to argue, but could clearly see I had ALL the money she'd given me in hand. She owed me another five. She finally handed it over. Did she appologize? NO. She gave me the world's most sour look. I'm having to ask myself just HOW many fives have gone missing since she came on. She struck me as new, and I've not seen her there before. I'm wondering if I should go back and quietly have a word or two with management.

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