December 4th, 2007


Who do you believe?

In one corner we have The Bank. In the other we have Dell.

I ordered a new computer for the business through Dell. The card was declined at first, boo hiss.

So I call Dell and tell them I want to use this Other Card to pay. The dude takes the numbers and BAM it's declined. Cue me going "What the hell." He asks if it's a debit card and I assure him that yeah, it's a debit card. He apparently fiddled with shit on his end and nope still being declined. Darn it.

So I thank him, hang up and call the bank. Thinking "The bank must have a problem, we have money in our account." We don't use the debit card that often, so I figure that since it's a large sum to be charged; maybe they threw up some red flags? I don't know, I'm just grasping for reasons at this point.

The nice lady at my bank tells me that the original charge WENT THROUGH and then was REVERSED. Then it showed the second charge the guy tried to do, it went through too then was reversed as well. We come to the conclusion that the guy at Dell didn't know what the hell he was doing.

So I call Dell up again to see if I can get some answers. The 'supervisor' insisted over and over that it wasn't reversed and that it was just denied flat out. Then told me to call my card holder. In the end I was so pissed off that I just told them to cancel the order. Then to add to the disgruntled feeling I still have swelling in my chest, the lady asked me "WHY" I wanted to cancel it. It took every ounce of my self control to say "It's not working out. I don't know where else to go from here, just cancel it."

Seriously we're at a fucking stalemate here! My card company is saying one thing the vendor is saying another. Where the hell did she expect me to go? I guess that we could have used another credit card...if we had one, which we do not.

I personally choose my bank in this situation. Am I wrong? Do you think the bank is full of it or that the Dell Customer Service is inept?

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Another bad service Subway story.

I prefer Quizno's anyway but a few weeks ago I noticed that a new Subway had opened near my job. It was perfect since I had an hour long break, giving me plenty of time to eat. When I walked in, there was one girl working the counter by herself. Each time a new customer came in, she would huff and roll her eyes. Not to mention on the counter behind her was her half eaten food in plain view. How appetizing. I've been in food service for 4 years and it's an elementary concept that you only eat food on your designated breaks and wash your hands afterward.

I figured that it was nearing her break and I was right, because somebody walked in and went behind the counter (with no uniform on) and she said quite loudly "You betta get on the clock and git yo customers." She was dealing with me at this point and actually ignored the man behind me when she finished making my food and cashing me out. Apparently, he isn't her customer and the employee who isn't on the clock yet "better get him."

I would love to know what would happen at my job if I said "That's not my customer!" when they came in on my watch.
buck passer!

Subway, Port Adelaide

I have not eaten subway in months.

For some reason, I felt the urge to, today.

I went to Subway in Port Adelaide, South Australia.

It was just after 12.30pm, and the line was 3 being served (one girl on bread & microwave, one girl on salads, one girl on cash register), 6 waiting, then me. It was fairly quick.

I ordered (six inch roast chicken) &the first girl puts my chicken in the microwave, cuts my bread &passes it for the salad girl, smiling saying 'wont be long!'

The lady in front of me ordered a six inch and a salad and was having her condiments put on. The guy after me ordered a six inch with turkey. A new lady came to help serve at that point, to get the line moving quicker.

She picked up the subway for the guy behind me, saying 'what salads?' when i was clearly in front of him, with my subway on the board in line before his.

The girl who cut my bread &put my chicken in the microwave said 'nono, that one first.' pointing to mine. THREE TIMES. The other girl who served the lady before me also pointed to mine.

The new server ignored both of them (and me, saying 'that one is mine') to serve this guy.

So, instead, the bread/microwave girl had to stop what she was doing (with the line going out the door of about 8-deep at this point) to do my salads, condiments, and pass it to the girl on the cash register all because the new server thought she was too good to do mine.

I think she thought because she was at least 40, she didn't have to listen to anyone younger than her (me = 25, the two other girls were younger than 20) telling her what to do.

Nice. Way to hold up the line of customers and unnecessarily piss me off.
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Not epically bad service, but the Subway post below inspired me. I went to Subway a month or so ago...I live in a student town, and they have a lot of student staff, as you might expect. Last year they were absolutely amazing, caring about every detail. This year, not so much.

I headed up the counter where the queue normally begins, and wait there, looking directly at the two staff members. Another guy walks in; the female staff member clearly knows him, and he jumps to about the salad part of the counter and starts ordering. Grr.
About about three or four minutes, the guy staff member (who is doing nothing) comes up to me, and starts putting on his plastic gloves. This takes, no lie, an extra two or so minutes as he can't figure out how to get them open enough to put on his hands. I wait patiently until he's done, and he asks what I'd like.

I reply, 'A 6 inch chicken sub on wheat, please,' clearly and distinctly.
'On what bread? See, we have Italian bread, which is this one here...' I cut him off before he can go through EVERYTHING.
'Wheat, please.'
'Oh...right.' He starts cutting up a foot long and then cutting into the sandwich...REALLY close to the top. I mean, instead of cutting halfway through so it actually resembles a sandwich, this thing has a top layer of about 1/5 of bread, and bottom layer of 4/5s.
He starts putting cheese on. 'Um, no cheese thanks.' I said.
'Oh..what was it you wanted again?'
'Chicken, please.'
He asks me the usual chicken questions, and that's done. Then he just wanders off randomly, and returns a minute or so later with a bag of lettuce, which it takes him another two or so minutes to open, even with a knife...At this point there is a wasp flying around under the counter, and landing on various items of food. He watches transfixed, as my chicken continues to get cold. Snapping out of his haze, and doing absolutely nothing about the wasp or the food it touched, he turned to me again. 'What salad would you like?'
I replied, 'Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, onion and gherkin please.' I'm perfectly willing to repeat any part of this since I know that often they can only remember the first 3 or so, perfectly natural.
He puts the first three on, then reaches for pepper. 'Um no pepper, I'd like onions please.' Again the classic 'Oh...right.'
He then reaches for the sweetcorn, my pet peeve. 'No sweetcorn; gherkins please'. Why not just ASK if you're not sure/got it wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME previously?! And what if I'd been allergic to any of the things he'd just dug his gloves into? He then wraps my sub up, and pushes it over to his colleague. By this point I'm relieved I don't have to go through the paying process with him, since his brain might explode or something.

When I got to the table, he hadn't even closed the sub, so there were toppings and sauce spilling out everywhere.

All I wanted was a simple chicken sub. No fancy adjustments, no big rushtime queues. Is it really that hard?! He might have been new, I understand. But why not just double check things with the customer instead of doing your own thing?