December 2nd, 2007

To WalMart, Target, etc!

For the love of God please do not spend millions and millions building your stores with 20 damn checkout lanes and then only ever have 4 of them open.  Please.  It makes the lines take forever this time of year.  I swear, the two WalMart supercenters and the Target near me both are terrible about this.  At 630 in the evening, they'll have 3-5 checkstands open, resulting in long lines and long waits--and heavens forfend if someone needs a price check, or something a manager has to go get, because that backs up everything another 10 minutes, because they all seem to have only one manager on duty at any given time.
Seriously, the retail stores I used to work at did this too, and while I understand about cost-control, this is just so freaking annoying for EVERYONE involved.  It does not matter how fast the checker is, there's still going to be a long wait for us, and for the poor checkout people it means they can not go and take breaks or ever catch their breath.  How about we take 1 million USD off our CEO's salaries, and use that to fund more part time cashiers for those busy times? Please? God knows the Waltons are already stinking rich.

Victoria's Secret >:[


I called corporate this morning and explained the situation. The CSR was very nice and immediately agreed that the manager was wrong and being rude. She said I would receive a $20 gift certificate in the mail soon from VS and that the store and district manager would be informed. Hooray for justice. :) Thanks for the advice.


I went to a Victoria's Secret store today (3:10PM at Visalia Mall in Visalia, CA) with the intent to use the following coupon that was mailed to me by VS corporate. It says, verbatim: "LOVE Victoria's Secret $10 off ANY PURCHASE November 27th - December 24th"


"November 27 - December 24th 2007"
Present this card at checkout to receive a reduction on your purchase price. Limit one $10 offer per client. Remaining value after card purchase may not be redeemed for cash. Not valid for previous purchases, catalogue or online purchases with any other coupon, discount, special offer or the purchase of a gift card. Card may not be redeemed for cash. Offer's value will not be refunded on a merchandise return. We regret this card will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Associates of Victoria's Secret and its affiliates are not eligible." Followed are the barcodes.

I have plenty of bras, panties, and makeup. I really didn't need any of those. I found fuzzy warm socks there that I like. Most of the price tags were ripped off, but I found a pair that said they were $5 each. I picked two pairs ($10 total) and went to the register. They rang up as 7.50 each I said no, the tag says they were $5. The cashier said there was an error when they were labeled, but she would sell them for the $5 price. ($5 x 2 pairs = $10). I was also expecting to pay sales tax on the pre discounted price.

I gave her the $10 off coupon and she tried to use it, but the register would not take it. The manager came to the register and told me they would not give me something for free. I showed them the card that said nothing of a minimum purchase price. The manager again argued with me saying that they would not give me something for free and that I needed to pick something more expensive. I told them I would complain to corporate, because I didn't need anything else but those socks and I was not prepared to buy more just to get a $10 discount. I left the store mad. The card clearly states ANY PURCHASE and does not have a minimum amount restriction. I am spreading the word of this terrible handling of customer service and will call corporate tomorrow to file a complaint.

Bad: Service or Me? A Question

Not so much of bad service, but more of a question. This happened to me this morning, and I'm still wondering whether I'm overreacting or whether this was a genuine case of bad service.

A brief note: I live in an Asian country. Locals have, for the most part, wholly regional Asian features; I'm not an exception.

I went to a downtown Subway for an late breakfast/early lunch, and because it was before noon, this particular Subway wasn't packed like it usually is. There were only three people at the counter, which was fine, because there are maybe five customers there.

I've been there many times, and the guy doing the bread works there regularly. He's never actually been in charge of the cashier because they're usually staffed with more people, but it seemed today he was the most senior of the staff there and therefore overall in charge. I shall call him E for employee because it's easier.

There was a British tourist in front of me who was new at ordering Subway-style, so E, who is also Chinese, had to walk him through it. It's okay; I know Subway can be frustrating because there are so many choices to make. E was a bit snippy with him, but E has always been snippy, so I don't take much notice.

Collapse )bad_service ? Or is it me being paranoid? Because the incident keeps bugging me, and I'm wondering whether I deserve to be on customers_suck  instead.
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