November 30th, 2007

Fluffy Vulcan

What kills me is... I KNOW this stuff.

I knew I should've asked for a supervisor. Really, in the big scheme of things, this is minor and I'm certainly at fault. If it wasn't for the misinformation, there'd be no purpose for this post.

I messed up about two weeks ago. I work for a bank. They direct deposit funds into my staff account. I then write myself out a cheque for the majority of that pay amount and deposit said cheque into BMO. I leave a small amount over in my staff account as an emergency fund, but do most of my day-to-day banking out of BMO. (I've had the account longer than I've had the job, my MasterCard is with BMO, and the bank I work for doesn't have branches or ATMs. So it's more convenient to handle the day-to-day with BMO. Plus I find it hard to keep all my PINs straight and don't want to write them down, so I work mostly with one bank.)

About two weeks ago, I wrote a cheque from my staff account without verifying the amount of my paycheque and totally forgetting about having to dip into that emergency fund not long ago. Basically, I wrote a 1200.00 cheque with 1100 or so in the account, and it bounced. I found out about it when I got a letter from the bank I work for on Wednesday. 

I checked my BMO account online and found it overdrawn to the tune of 1100 or so. I immediately called BMO, apologized for the oversight and told them that today (Nov 30) being payday, I'd be putting the account in the black first thing Friday morning. Now, as I said, I work for a bank. And it occurred to me that in light of the fact that I'd just bounced a cheque, BMO might want to freeze my account until they knew for sure that this new cheque would clear. And looking at it from their end, I don't blame them. So I asked the phone rep how soon I would have access to the funds after I took care of the negative balance. And he told me it would be immediate. This surprised me. "So, you won't hold the cheque for a few days? I'll be able to use those funds right away?"

The rep confirmed it. Okay. I've been with BMO for 13 years and this is my first bounced cheque. Maybe they were willing to give me a little leeway. I came away from the phone feeling a little relieved. 

Shortly after midnight last night (or this morning, depending on how you look at it) I called the bank I work for and confirmed my pay had come in and my balance was at 2500 (That's about 970 or so that came back when the cheque bounced plus my new pay.) I wrote my cheque for 2400.00, put it into BMO. I then tried to withdraw a couple of hundred to do grocery shopping. No dice. Insufficient funds. Yep. There's a hold.

I ended up shopping with a credit card, which I dislike (and no, not the one I have with BMO.) If the rep had told me about the freeze, I would have made other arrangements. I'm honestly not upset about BMO's hold policy. I just wish that the rep could've checked it out if he wasn't sure.

Hopefully, there won't be a next time, but if there is, I'll ask for a supervisor to confirm whatever I'm told.
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Not horrific, but...

Dear Checkout Lady,

Please god, when I am with my lovely boyfriend buying condoms, among other things, do not pick them out of our purchases and comment on them at length. I don't really care that twenty years ago it would have made you blush to scan them. I don't really think it's hilarious when you play musical bags because "durr hurr I don't want to freeze them!" Please in the future keep your thoughts on my purchases to yourself, and don't announce them one by one to the whole line. I'm not a prude, but I don't feel like telling the whole line I'm getting laid later, thanks.

Also, while you are scanning things is not the time to go through them for things you like and ask the location/tell me you're going to go get these after your shift/generally shop from other people's groceries. This is why it took us twenty minutes to get to you from being second in line!

No love,
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I will get you bus driver. >_>!

So after work, I wait for the bus.

Bus usually comes at 15 after the hour. I was there at right at the hour just to be safe.

.....30 past the hour comes. Okay, maybe traffic.

50 past the hour comes... ... >_> No thanks IT DOESN'T TAKE THAT LONG EVEN WITH TRAFFIC.

...55 past the hour, the bus comes. I ask the bus driver politely why he was so late.

"Oh, I was at my house down the neighborhood and forgot time." Then he went on to say "I'm the bus driver, I do what I want"

...Yeah. It wasn't a good day. I've been awake since 3am and it was 7'o clock at night and I had done a split shift for the day. Me was not happy.

Of course, I will get him.