November 26th, 2007

Southeast Toyota Finance

PISSED is not even the word. I just got off the phone with the most UNPROFESSIONAL BITCH I've ever had the pleasure of speaking to. Somehow my stupid-ass forgot to pay October's car payment. Totally and utterly my fault I realize that and am not asking for any sympathy when it comes to that. It wasn't until last week that my mom told me some lady from SE Toyota Finance called and left a message (the same day they called, btw) That was Monday or Tuesday, I try to call but realize it's the automated system. I was busy and decided to call later. With all the commotion of Thanksgiving and stuff around the corner I let it slide. The month before I'd had a problem with a payment as well. Made the payment got a confirmation only my bank never took out the funds, they maintain they never got record of a payment being requested. SE Toyota Finance says my bank rejected it. I paid that payment and got a late fee because of the whole thing. I figured that's why they were calling so I didn't think it was that pressing.
Somehow I forgot October's payment and it never occured to me that that was why they were calling. They call my work today and I try to call back and get the automated system, I decide to check my account and see if that's why they're calling. It says I'm past due from October and that's when I realize I forgot to pay. I decide to call them and let them know I'll pay tomorrow since that's when I get paid. I was planning to pay for November tomorrow but I'll have to pay that next week (which will still be within the 10 day grace period).

I call and get a woman, she asks how she can help me and I explain the reason I'm calling is simply to let them know that yes, I realize I'm late for October and that I will pay tomorrow. She says "Why?" Not "Ms. Vivian is there a reason you are late for October's payment?" No, just "Why?" I explain "I fell behind" because I think "I forgot" sounds too hard to believe even though it's true.

"WHY did you fall beind" I've had the car since April '06 and I've always been on time so I don't really understand the interrogation, especially since I called them to let them know I would be paying tomorrow. "I just fell behind" I insist.
She continues with her pissy tone saying that they've called and left several messages. Correction, they left 2 messages today. One on the work line and one on my cell. She says they've called my work line and left "messages". I tell her the first message left was today and if they called the number they would've had to have had my extension or have asked for me specifically since the number she gave was not a direct line. "Well they left a message at the other number!" Which, I tell her is why I'm calling today(did they forget there was a holiday?) to tell her that I plan on paying tomorrow because I fell behind..."Why?! That's not a reason, I am asking WHY your payments have been late"

Since she says paymentS, I explain September's payment being late was not entirely my fault because of the whole bank situation. I tell her I called and confirmed that the payment went through and they said it did, by the time they figured out it didn't go through I paid it. Before I'm done with the story she talks over me "The bank would not have showed a payment went through if they rejected it because they didn't have a bank account# and that is not why October's payment is late, ma'am!" (That's speculation on her part because the bank DOES notate that an account# or bank info is wrong or missing, however my bank didn't have anything showing a payment was requested) She is raising her voice at this point and is saying it in such a bitchy condescending way that you would think I owed her the money and she couldn't pay her rent because of it. I explained to her that the reason I told her was because she said PAYMENTS and again OCTOBER IS LATE BECAUSE I FELL BEHIND. Her reply "Thats not a reason but have a good day, ma'am." I say "Would you like to me to make up a reason? Because I can tell you that I had to go to the hospital and that's why I couldn't pay if you want me to lie instead. I fell behind, that's ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. You don't need to know my life story or the circumstances that surround that, I fell behind and am paying tomorrow. Me changing the reason is not going to change the fact that I will be calling tomorrow to make the payment!"

"That's not a good reason ma'am but have a good day"

We go back and forth, me explaining that sometimes people fall behind, it's part of life and if I don't want to tell her anything else I don't have to, considering it will not change the fact that I am paying October TOMORROW. She continues to try and end the call and snaps that she needs to ask why because the company tells her to ask why. (Which, btw, I have no problem with it's the INTERROGATING I have a problem with) I'm pretty sure she's sitting in front of a computer screen and can key in "Customer says she fell behind and did not wish to elaborate". Her attitude throughout the call from beginning to end was rude and argumentative so it's not something I feel like letting slide. I ask her for name, she refuses and I say that if she has nothing to hide and feels she handled the call by the book she should give me her name. That's another few minutes of going back and forth with the bitch, her either refusing and saying "Have a nice day Ms." or saying she gave me her name at the beginning of the call so she doesn't have to give it to me now and me telling her to repeat it. Good thing, I knew her name but just wanted to see if she would give me any additional identifying info. She says "They'll see it" when I call back, which I plan on doing.

I understand that part of her job is to ask why, but it is not her job to have a shitty attitude or for her to pass judgement as to whether my reason is or isn't "good enough". FUCK YOU, why don't you put that as my reason? It still won't change the fact that I am calling tomorrow to pay you people. The whole call was a mess, she kept reminding me that I had a payment due on the 29th of this month and asking when I planned to pay that and how. I'm sorry, maybe it's me but it seems a tad unprofessional for her to be asking (and the way she was asking is what really gets me) about a payment that isn't even due yet. She had an attitude throughout the entire call I don't understand what motive there is to argue my reason. I could say the money was stolen but it doesn't mean that's true or that I'll never be late again so what the hell gives?

Update I called back and spoke to a supervisor. She said it was not their policy to be rude but still maintained that "I fell behind" is not an adequate response and that the agents are there to help me so that I don't fall into collections again. To which I replied, if I called stating that I was going to pay tomorrow, how was a reason going to help me for the future? For example, if I were to say the truth "I forgot" (which she said would have been adequate...) was she going to send me a string to tie around my finger so that next month I WOULD remember? (I didn't actually say that, mind you) I told her that the problem I had was not so much the why... but how it was asked and the frequency after I maintained that I was not going to give another answer. She gave me her little canned apology but continued to defend the rep, the only thing she said was that she should not have been rude and that one way to avoid this would be to pay my bill on time. Well, no shit but they can be damn sure that if I ever am late again, I won't be calling them to tell them when they'll get their money and I won't be taking their calls either. I told her not to take my word for it and just to listen to the call, I even told her that the rep didn't want to give me her name. What I find slightly strange is that when I tried to tell her the name/time that I called she cut me off and said all that info was logged. I don't know how this company works but I know that in a lot of places that stuff is only documented if the rep saves it or feels like updating the account. If she wouldn't even give me her name then who's to say she logged anything? And at this point I wouldn't be surprised if the supervisor was covering for her. I still plan on writing a letter...
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Forever 21

I purchased a pair of $28 pants from Forever 21. I wore them 1 time and the zipper broke. The pants fit me, they were not too small. The zipper was clearly defective since it broke after only a few hours of wear. I tried to return them for an exchange or store credit, I had the receipt and the tag in hand, but I was told that there was nothing they could do for me since they were worn and the tag was no longer attached. I have now wasted this money since the pants are no longer wearable. I do realize that I can have the zipper replaced but I feel that I should not have to do this. This is totally unfair. I will never shop there again.
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I have car insurance with, in the the state on NY. I only went with them because they have the cheapest rates. I shouldn't have done that!

Apparently they charged me $15 for "insufficient funds". The only problem is...they took the money out of a different account, after I changed it.
They claim they needed at least 72 hours to change my payment information. I have no record of this anywhere in any of my documents. I changed my account info on the 20th, and there is NO record of them trying to take out funds in my Bank Of America online banking. There is no activity AT ALL since October. Obviously if I had any sort of record showing that they had tried to pull the funds, I'd just suck it up.

The lady on the phone kept telling me she has proof of the transaction WELL THAT'S GREAT, WHY DON'T I? Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I find it extremely hard to believe that you tried to pull the funds out of the wrong account, and I have nothing to show for it? No phone calls, no record in my online banking? $15 is a lot of money to me right now. I'm so mad!