November 21st, 2007


(no subject)

Dear old waitress w/ the bad teeth @ the Sunday lunch buffet:

I don't live in the town where you work, and I have never been in your esablishment before, it just so happened that last Sunday I was and my daughter and I were hungry and so we stopped in. I know you don't know me and sure you should pay attention to your regular after-church elderly that know you by name and prob. leave a weekly tip. What else you don't know about me is that just because I am a young mother doesn't mean that I won't tip you and tip you good! When you got a snotty look on your face when my 4yr old asked for punch and water and then said to me "She wants both?" in that tone...well that was a little uncalled for but I let it go and just replied "yes", when you didn't bring us fresh rolls that everyone else was getting...fine. The one time you did come to our table it was while we were up at the buffet and you took the plate that was RIGHT in front of my daughters chair and she WASN'T done eating. You NEVER refilled my drink or even asked if it needed refilled. However, I am sure you noticed us wasting your 5.00 tip in the claw machine as we left. =)) I didn't think 5.00 would have been a bad tip on a 12.00 dollar bill.