November 20th, 2007

I Need a Drink
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I know it's just McDonald's, but c'mon!

I work in a bookstore that's attached to a mall, so every so often I go to the food court for a quick lunch. A few days ago, my store was swamped with customers and I had an employee working with me who was as useless as a zombie. Between these two factors, I had no chance whatever to take a break. Finally, I got a chance to take a quick 15 minutes and get something to eat super fast. I figured, hell, McDonald's isn't good for you but it's fast and warm. It'll do.

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I forgot about this incident until I saw the Mickey D's post below mine.

Went to McDonald's the other day, and since the drive thru line was insale ylong, I got out to order. Walk in, order my chicken nuggets fine, and I'm looking into the back because there's nothing better to do while waiting...

And I see one of the workers pick up my chicken with his /bare hands./ God, talk about gross. I'm so glad the manager was there for me to point that out to and get food that hadn't been touched.

Cause by the look of this guy, he never washed his hands, and who knows where the hell they had been.

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Dear Manager of the Golden Corral in the Newport-News/Poquoson VA area.*

It's Saturday night. You're fortunate that you have enough tables that the tables are emptying at the same rate they are filling, so no one has to wait holding their tray of drinks.

However, what exactly would possess you to call the ENTIRE WAITSTAFF back into the kitchen? This isn't the kind of buffet that you can get your own refills and plates at. We have to do so through your teal-shirted employees. It took long enough for them to come back out that one guy got cranky at one of the managers-in-training turning over tables and he got the brush-off.

I was headed for the bathroom when I saw the ocean of teal emerge through the kitchen doors after a time that was easily 15 minutes.

Service was fine after that, and we tipped well, because the meeting was not our server's fault.

*I was there to visit a friend over the weekend, I'm not local.
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A huge WaWa pet peeve

Here in New Jersey we have Wawas (convienence store where you can get hoagies, hot dogs, etc) and for some reason they all do the same damn thing. They put something hot (like a meatball sub) in with something right out of the freezer (like a drink). Today, they put my eggs in a bag and then put my hot dog right on top. When I removed the hot dog from the bag and said (in a nice tone) "It's probably a bad idea to put something hot in with something out of the fridge and cold" I got a dirty look. Is this really a weird concept?