November 18th, 2007

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I'm never buying another Lexmark printer again.

I have a HP printer that crapped out on me after only two years, and so I decided it was time to buy a new printer. The only other thing that I could find was a Lexmark, and I figured with a top-loading tray, it wouldn't eat paper like my bottom-loading HP does. I have a mac, so I tripled checked to make sure it was mac compatible. There were at least 2 places on the box that listed it as mac compatible.

I just opened the box to find that the installation disk? Is for windows. I tried to use it anyway, and it insisted that it installed the printer, but it didn't. So, thinking that I just got a random box with no mac installation, I go online.

On the website, to my confusion, the only drivers listed are for windows. I check the "mac compatibility" list and, lo and behold, my printer isn't on it. They advertised it as mac compatible when it's not. My computer can't even find it when it's plugged in to install it manually.

I'm returning the printer tomorrow, but you can bet that I'm calling customer service tomorrow and raising hell about it for false advertising. That's just plain ridiculous.
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I went to a cheaper theater in the area today to check out a movie. My friend and I sat down in the theater and realized it was a tad chilly, but didn't think much of it. Unfortunately, as the time passed and the sun set outside, the temperature dropped. We eventually figured out that there was no heat in the building at all.

Now I'm not sure about local laws, but running a business (especially when you have employees wearing short sleeved uniforms inside) with no heat when it's 37 degrees out seems like a bad plan. Had they put up signs or told us when we bought tickets or anything, we wouldn't have seen the movie. It was good enough to tough it out, so we got our money's worth, but still.

This same place had a sign up a couple months ago saying that there was no air conditioning in the theaters, so I'm guessing their whole system is broken and they haven't done anything about it.
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Opinions about ticketmaster?

The first time I ever bought tickets from ticketmaster. I got (what turned out to be the reciept) it and thought it was tickets. Needless to say, they weren't. I never got my tickets. (No, no one threw them out or anything like that.)

So whose at fault? Ticketmaster for not sending me the tickets or me, for being stupid?

Also, what do I do? Call them up and complain?

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