November 16th, 2007

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Two McDonald's bad_service in the space of a week

Bad Service #1
On Monday, I went to the McDonald's nearest to my house to pick up a Pasta Zoo Happy Meal for myself as a late afternoon snack. I also wanted to get a chocolate sundae for dad. Now as a back story, Australia does not have the one dollar menu as they do in the US, but they briefly had a cheap menu promotion and sundaes were $1.00. I wasn't sure whether the promotion was still running or not, so when I got to the order speaker box of the drive through I asked the guy and he said "yeah, they're a dollar". However, when I went to pay he charged me $1.50. When I challenged this, he said "nah, they're $1.50".

Hold up, didn't you just tell me literally five seconds ago they were one dollar? I didn't make a case and I paid the $1.50 but I was pretty pissed off to be honest. Additionally, the guy spoke in the most "I'm so incredibly bored" tone of voice I've ever heard.

Bad Service #2
This suck is about a different McDonald's... This morning I had one of my University final exams at 9:30am. Now my university is in the city CBD and I live in the suburbs, so to get there on time, my mum drove me to the train station about twenty minutes away and she and I grabbed some McDonald's on the way there. I don't eat bacon/pork/ham/ any form of pig product so I ordered a deli choices breakfast roll- eggs, cheese, bbq sauce and bacon but without the bacon and also without bbq because I just plain don't like it.

After mum paid, we rolled around to the drive through window to pick up our food. There was one car ahead of us. And we waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, that car receives it's cup of coffee and drives off, and we pull up and wait for ours. And wait. And wait. Finally we get out stuff. I got a deli choices roll with egg and bacon. No cheese. Trust me, once you take the bacon off that roll consists of virtually nothing and is dry as hell.

So thanks a lot McDonald's. I paid nearly $4.00 and had to wait ten minutes for my breakfast before receiving something I couldn't eat. Really, it was much appreciated.