November 13th, 2007

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This happened a while ago when my computer blew up, but I think it deserves to be posted here.

So like I said, my computer just stopped working, it wouldn't even turn on. It was old and has a lot of viruses anyway, and so my mother just bought a new computer because we were due for it I guess.

My only issue was that I lost 4,000 songs that I (eek, illegally!) downloaded to my computer/put on my iPod. I had all the songs on my iPod, but not on my new computer. Since I listen to music more on my computer than my iPod, I called up the folks at Apple and asked them to help me. I explained the situation, but didn't mention that I downloaded songs. I just said I had gotten the songs from taking CDs out from the library and borrowing from friends and stuff (so the Apple help guy would realize I don't own a lot of CDs and can't just put the songs back on my computer). I asked "Is there a way to put songs from my iPod back onto my computer?", and he said, "Yes... technically there is... but I'm not allowed to tell you". I'm think like, What? Is this song kind of ridiculous joke? But no, he was serious. I mean, couldn't he just have been like, "No, there's no way for that to happen", so it wouldn't infuriate me so?
That was annoying, but I guess that's what I get for downloading music.

BUT AFTER THAT, he asked for my iPod serial number on the back of my (relatively old) 30gig video iPod. I read the serial number, and he said that serial number belonged to a Macbook. I explained that that was impossible, since I was holding the iPod in my hand, bought it completely fairly at a Best Buy two years ago for my 15th birthday, and I CAN READ NUMBERS AND LETTERS. I re-read the serial number several times (SLOWLY AND CONCISELY) and he insisted that was the serial number for some laptop. I eventually gave up/hung up, because I was getting no help.

I've pretty much recovered my music collection now (and then some), but oh my god I still seriously don't know the deal with my iPod serial number. Is there some way I figure out why my iPod serial number is supposedly the same serial number as some Macbook?

Yay fast food bashing!

I went to taco bell the other day and since they had such a long drive through line, I went inside since it was deserted. I think they helped 6 people before I got my 2 chicken gorditas. It's two items, it really shouldn't take that long. Yay for corporations focusing so much on drive through times they neglect all other customers.
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Part bad service, part consumer warning:

For those of you who live in the South Jersey area and have an account with Commerce Bank, you need to be aware that once again, Commerce had their information system hacked. This would be the third time that I know of in the last 2 months that it has happened. There's not too much information on it yet, but here's a short article on the issue.

The woman I spoke to estimated that 3,000 people were affected total.

Edit: my in-laws had their cards closed as well. I think it's more than the 3,000 the second rep quoted as being affected, because there are too many people that I know that are affected, between 6 people and 5 separate branches, and we all live reasonable distances apart from eachother, so I doubt that just one area of Jersey was affected.

To find out if you were affected, call 1-800-YES-2000, and ask for Heather in the fraud department.
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Is this bad service?

If you're observing in a school and the teacher is awful to the students...would that be bad service? I mean, technically she is getting paid to facilitate learning- so her teaching skills would be a service...yeah?

If so, I have a future post to make.
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Jesus christ, superstar!

So, way back when i first started my nannying job my baby bit the dust- that meaning, my 1995 Mercury Mystique, MaryJane, kicked shit and died on me. A WEEK after I put 550 into it for repairs, because it OBVIOUSLY needed it.

My car had been overheating.

Anyway, the drama that followed was me telling them they were shitty and them telling me WE'LL GIVE YOU 550 CREDiT FOR YOUr nEW VEHICLE.

Okay, so cue new vehicle- an 89 Mitsubishi Galant, perfect everything but a broken front motor mount. Which, in case you didn't know, will fuck over the transmission if you like to drive above 55. Which, sadly, I do. A lot. And since I do a LOT of freeway driving to get to my family/friends, it makes it all the sucker.

I went to have my oil changed, and while I was there mentioned that my mother's boyfriend had said there was a missing motor mount, or some such. I assumed they would CHECK THIS. Low and behold, they DID NOT CHECK AT ALL, until the very end, when I was getting ready to leave. The guy walked out there, popped the hood, looked for all of two seconds, and came back to report that ALL WAS GOOD.

But then they told me they would replace it for me, if I brought in the part that my mother's boyfriend paid for. UH? ...

The suck? Midas. In itself. Shittiest car place EVER. 

Telemarketing rudeness

I just received an automated call from my health insurance company explaining that the premiums go up next year. Good of them to call in addition to sending a letter - no bad service there. However, just a few seconds after that call ended, I receive a call from a different company - Federal something... I did not write it down. The telemarketer started a speech about giving better rates, etc. There were no pauses, so after a minute or so of listening, I interrupted with:

- Sir... Sir!
- blah blah blah... yes?
- Please take us off your calling list.
- Do you not have health insurance?
- Please take us off your calling list.
- I will, as soon as you answer my question.
- Please take us off your calling list, now!
- I am just asking a simple question. Why can't you answer?
(a bit more of it)
- I want to talk to your superviser.
- There is nobody here you can talk to. Bitch.
And he hang up.

Whaaa, I was polite and all! Why?

I now wonder if they hacked into our insurance company, or if they are affiliated - and, in general, what to do about it. I tried to return the call, but of course the line is busy.

Stop calling me!

There is a 800-number that will not stop calling me. The first few times I answered the phone, they said that they were looking for an "Edward Green." I have never let them get past that, each time stating that I am not this person, please stop calling me.
I've even called the number back, gotten a representative, and been told that the problem would be taken care of! Twice!
And it's not just once in a while, it's gotten to the point where they are calling 4-7 times a day.
I've just started to ignore the calls, but my god it is getting on my nerves.
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oh, amazon

I hope y'all don't mind offering your opinions on what my next step should be in this situation...

I ordered a used book from an Amazon seller on October 17, 2007. My credit card was charged within 2 days. I've ordered various used books from Amazon sellers and they've never taken longer than about 2 weeks to arrive. Because I had some time to spare before my half-semester class started, I did not request expedited shipping.

On November 4, I had not yet received either the book, a shipping notification, or any other communication from the seller. I was out of time for the book to arrive, so I decided I'd ask the seller to cancel the order, or if the book had already been shipped I'd wait for it to arrive and then return it, even if it meant losing some money on the transaction. So, I sent the seller a polite email explaining that since I had not received the book or a shipping notice, I'd like the order cancelled and the money refunded to my credit card.

Now, on November 13 I have not heard from the seller in any way, have not received the book, and have not had a refund on my card. What's my next step?

A) Try another email to the seller.
B) Contact Amazon to advise them of the issue.
C) Dispute the charge on my credit card.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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Not so much on my side.

I recently moved across country. Anyone who has done this knows the hassle involved in getting new driver's license, plates, etc etc. There has been a lot of suck involved, but most of it is from the DMV, and really, who expects good service from the DMV?

I put off switching my auto insurance until last, because I knew it would be more expensive, and it had to wait until I could afford the higher prices. I also thought it would be the easiest, because Nationwide has been fantastic to me. I didn't even bother shopping around for a lower-cost insurance, because I've had such amazing experiences with Nationwide's customer service. Collapse )