November 10th, 2007


Sibarro Volkswagen

So, on Friday I decide to take my car in for its ten thousand mile checkup. It's a few hundred miles early, but I won't have the time to take it in for a while, and I want to get it done. The closest dealership to me, where i can get this taken care of is over 60 miles away, so it's inconvenient generally, but I'll be over that way anyway.

I get my car to the dealership around 12:00/12:30 in the afternoon. I drop it off, give them my phone number so they can call me when it's done, and get a friend to pick me up so I don't have to wait around. At 3:30 in the afternoon, they still haven't called me. Okay, whatever, I'll just stop by and check on it. As I'm walking up to the dealership, the tech guy runs out and tells me that my car's been done for a while, but they've been having trouble with their phones and can't make long distance calls. I get my car, I give them money, I begin the hour/hour and a half drive home.

At the border patrol checkpoint (roughly 20 minutes from my home, and an hour after I started driving) my oil pressure warning light comes on. Not the yellow "You might wanna check this out" light - the red "stop your car right this second, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars" light. Since I was pulling in to border check anyway, I just pulled over and stopped my car. When I popped the hood, it smelled like something was burning. I don't know anything about cars, so this seemed odd to me, but I didn't know what to make of it. I called my boyfriend, and he said he'd come out and look at it for me, since he used to work on cars. As I'm waiting, I called the dealership. The head tech says "Oh, yeah, the technician probably just forgot to reset the sensor, it should be okay to drive." I'm not buying this, so I decide to wait for my boyfriend just in case. Especially since, after looking at the oil dipstick, it appears that there is NO oil in my car. Head tech calls back a few minutes later:

Tech: "Um, what warning light was it that came on?"
Me: "The red one - it flashed and chimed a few times"
Tech: "Ohhh"

This is not an 'Oh' that I want to hear from someone who worked on my car. This was a 'Oh, crap, we're fucked' kind of 'Oh'. He then tells me to call him when my boyfriend gets there and let him know what's going on. Shortly after that, a very nice trucker pulls over and informs me that there is a puddle under my car. Great. He asks if I need any help, but since I see my boyfriend pulling up, I tell him I'm cool. He rolls out, my boyfriend comes up and I let him know about the puddle. He agrees that there is no oil in my car, and the puddle underneath seems to agree with us as well, since it's oil that's been dripping out for the last few minutes. This is a small puddle, so obviously, oil has been dripping out of my car ever since they worked on it. I call back to the dealership, and he tells me he needs to talk to his supervisor. Great. So we wait. Twenty minutes go by, so I call him back. He tells me that they can get my car towed and get me a rental. Awesome. But I have to call the tow place. So I do, and it takes forever to tell them where I am. We get this handled, then wait an hour for the tow driver. By the time the tow driver gets there, I'd been on the side of the damned highway for over two hours.

I'm not happy. My car may be completely fucked. It's a 2008 that I just bought in August. The car is at the dealership, but the service department isn't open again until Monday. I left a message for them to do a full diagnostic on it (that I better not have to fucking pay for) and not just dump some oil in it, tighten it up and call it a day. When I talk to the service department on Monday, I'm going to ask them to detail it, since there's weird oily residue all over the back of it. God, I hope my car's okay. After this, I'm not taking it back to them for work anymore. I'll drive the damned thing to the vw dealership in El Paso from now on. I mean, I know they're trying to make it right, but this shouldn't have happened in the first place.
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