November 6th, 2007


Minor annoyance from the other day

 So my fiancee and I made a stop at Fred Meyer on our way home the other night just for a few quick things.  For those that don't know Fred Meyer is like a Super Wal-Mart with a grocery side, home stuff, and clothes.

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Is it really too much to ask for a cashier to pay attention to the customer?  Even if you are training (over the phone?) what kind of habits are you teaching by ignoring a customer?  The best part?  My fiancee works for the same company in another store and even he said that what she was doing was way out of line.  I mean granted, I got my stuff no big deal, but a little common courtesy would be nice especially if the customer is trying to explain a situation. 


Oh, CTA. I've been so supportive of you. It's been an abusive relationship, especially now with all the budget problems, but I still love you. Or I did, until today.

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What happened was I was trying to buy a 'Chicago Card' (it's basically a link from your credit card to use on bus and train fares). I went through everything, put in all my information EXACTLY as on my bank statement, and when I got to the very end, it gave me errors saying that my addresses don't match with what my bank has and what I typed in. Ok. Except... it still processed the payment. It didn't SAY this, of course, so I try re-entering the address and it goes through AGAIN, yet comes through as another error on the website. I log into my bank account and -- surprise -- three pending transactions from CTA, and me without the product I was trying to purchase (because it, supposedly, FAILED.)

I called my bank. They told me that if the transaction did fail, the pending withdrawals shouldn't go through. That doesn't give me much solace (this is the same bank that ran one check TWICE and left me without a way to cash my paychecks for a whole month. What's the point of having numbered checks, again?)

I then called CTA. After about a half hour of being on hold and staring at my online account, fuming, the person told me that as long as I didn't recieve an account number, then it didn't go through. Yeah, that's really going to make me feel better.

What's the bad service, you may ask?

Having an online payment system with a faulty 'information matching' process that sends the payment verification to your bank BEFORE comparing information. That doesn't make ANY sense whatsoever.

As said on the website: For your security, we require all of your billing information to match what your bank has on file for your card. If there is a mismatch, your transaction will fail.

So if this is for security... then... why not match the billing information BEFORE sending the authorization to the bank? Am I the only one that's annoyed by this? God help them if I get up tomorrow morning and the transactions post.
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Drive thru annoyance

Fairly minor, but frustrating none-the-less.

My husband and I get McDonald's drive-thru once in a great while - usually if we have to drive somewhere early in the morning on the weekends. We're going to visit some friends, so we swing by to order a couple of breakfast sandwiches. I order a coffee. The cashier asks if there's anything else. I say "yes..." turn to my husband to confirm his drink order, and then am told my total and asked to pull around.

Ok... So, I ask if I can add in a medium hazelnut iced coffee. Apparently, that will have to wait until I pull around. So, doesn't seem like a major problem, just a bit of an inconvenience - until I got to the window and request the drink.

I suppose she would have prefered I completely forget about the drink, because when I asked about it she rolls her eyes and says "Fine, what did you want" in a really pissy tone. I just repeated the drink order, paid and went on my merry way.

Like I said, not major bad service, but it's frustrating. I have no idea why she was mad at me - she could have easily saved herself the problem of adjusting the order later just by waiting the two seconds for me to finish ordering.

Rimmel Mascara

Does a crappy product qualify for bad service? I think this one does.

I bought the new Rimmel  Lash MAXXX mascara with the new brush-thingy hoping it wouldn't clump or do gross stuff like other mascaras. Unfortunately it does. I don't have the package anymore, just the tube. I wanted to call their customer service line to lodge a complaint and ask for a coupon for a different Rimmel mascara (one that I like) which is a perfectly reasonable request, so don't get on my back about it.

The kicker is, there is no information on the product itself, and when I search the website, there's no option for US or Canadian information... booo. I've done some googling but I can't seem to find a customer info line to call.

So, I know there's some great people on here that can find this sort of info... do you think you could help me find a customer service line for Rimmel Canada? 

crazy bus driver!

so today after school, i was waiting for the bus as i always do
when it came, i saw the "out of order" sign was lit up, so when the driver opened the door i asked
"is this bus in order?" and the driver said, "yes! of course! come on in!" so around 30 other kids and i got in.

everything was going okay and we were on our route until suddenly the driver took a sharp turn on a street and then started driving the opposite way!! we all started yelling at her to turn around and she kept yelling "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" and she ended up driving us all the way downtown chicago, around 15 miles(i live in a suburb around 20 minutes away from downtown) and opened the doors in the middle of the michigan avenue and screamed "GET OUT! ALL OF YOU GET OUT!"
so around 30 highschool kids from the suburbs were left 15 miles away from home
it was absoutley ridiculous.
i still cant believe that actually happened
i dont know what the hell she was doing.
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