November 3rd, 2007

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Lunchtime suck

When I order a minced lamb panini with olives, I expect it to come with olives.

When I order a tuna jacket potato with butter and sweetcorn, it's because I want all those fillings in it.

I like my cajun chicken pasta to have cajun chicken in it- I guess I'm weird like that.

Sadly, the sandwich place by my office doesn't always seem to grasp this. Sometimes the food is absolutely amazing, but sometimes the cheese salad sandwich is vegan, the tuna jacket has never seen a fish, and someone feasted on the meat feast pasta before I did and picked out all the interesting bits.

It's kind of a pain, especially when the only other local alternatives are Kentucky fried pigeon, supermarket sandwiches or the worst cornish pasties I have ever had.

Drach- who had vegetarian cajun chicken pasta for lunch, and was not best impressed.

Royal Mail. UGH.

So I ordered a 3 things online weeks ago (one set from amazon: a slim book and a CD, and one, 2 packages of dice from

I waited well over a week for them to arrive, and figured they might be a bit late because of the postal strikes etc.

I got home the other day to a card pushed through the letterbox which said that they tried to deliver 2 packets, but couldn't because the letterbox 'was too small'. Now I ordered another book separately from amazon about a week later that was at least 3x as thick, and it arrived the next day or the day after easily enough. I know amazon packaging is thick, but I've never had problems in the past with ordering a book that slim and a CD (which may or may not have been packaged separately anyway).

The other potential package was two sets of regular sized dice. I'm wondering how in hell they managed to package them so they wouldn't fit through a letterbox, but I've never dealt with the company before so I can't really judge.

The options listed on the card were that I could collect the packets from the delivery office listed, or have them redelivered on a day that suited me, or I could have them sent to a local post office for a small cost. Being that I don't drive and have no way of getting to the office which is in a really obscure location, very far away and nowhere near any means of public transport, and that the post office is awkwardly situated too and I had to pay, and I didn't know when they would arrive, I opted for free redelivery.

I filled out the form online, chose Friday 2nd Nov for my packages to be delivered, and printed the confirmation receipt.I waited in ALL day, just in CASE because although the delivery office closes at 1:30pm, it says online that it could arrive by a different method and may take until 6pm.


So I call up today. The office is open 7am-1pm during the week, and 7am-10am saturdays (very inconvenient for the vast majority of people I'm sure). I've been calling them since 9 am. There are 2 numbers on the card, the first is a local number. Keep calling them and get a busy signal. The other number is, as far as I can tell, a general redelivery etc. number on automated. When I held to be redirected to someone, it rang for a while, then I suddenly got the 'beeeeep' hang up tone, then I got some weird noise on the line.

I've been waiting for these packets for FOREVER, and if they had delivered them initially at 9:30am when the post actually arrives normally, and not 12:30, I would've been in. If they'd done what they normally do and leave them behind the bin, which they're technically allowed to do I think, then there would've been no hassle. If they'd redelivered when I submitted the online form, slightly less hassle. But I wasted the whole of yesterday at home, they aren't picking up, I have no idea where my parcels even ARE right now, so I'm beginning to get really pissed off now.

ETA: The CD got put through my letterbox this morning, and the packaging was about as small as amazon gets, so why they claimed it didn't fit i have absolutely NO idea...

I felt so bad for this woman...

I haven't seen a witnessed bad_service on here before, but the rules didn't say we can't have one and this is certainly worth posting.

I had a return to do at Wal-Mart last night. There was two customer service cashiers working and a manager dealing with a very flustered woman. The woman was returning a car seat. I decided to eavesdrop on her conversation because I too was returning a car seat and hoping there wouldn't be any problems.
The woman had bought an EasyFlo car seat that has been recalled. She wanted to return it for a car seat that has not been recalled. Easy enough, no? No.
The manager keeps offering to let her exchange the seat for the exact same thing. By the point I started paying close attention to her conversation he had said it at least twice. The woman said very loudly and slowly, as if speaking to a child, "It's. Recalled. Why would I want another recalled car seat?"
The light bulb turned on in the managers head, but it's more like a 10 watt light bulb, so the lights are on but no one is home. He offers to have her go back and get another seat that is the same price to do an even exchange. They go back, the people in front of me go.
The woman comes stomping back up to where she has left her cart and tells her husband, who has sat quietly on the bench this entire time, that there is no car seats for the same price. There is one for $10 or $20 less but the manager wouldn't even let her have that one.
Now it's my turn at the counter and I tell the woman, "I need to get store credit for this, I don't have a receipt."
She says, "OK!" gives me $120 on a gift card, has a CSM approve it right away and doesn't even check the box. I could have returned an empty box and scammed them. Hell I could have been returning my own recalled car seat. They don't know.
I left and the woman was still fighting with the manager over the whole ordeal. I felt so bad for the woman who just wanted a safe car seat for her child.
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Hi all,
I just joined this community.  What a great place to vent.  I did work in customer service (retail) for a year so I know how it is on THAT side.  That being said, I do expect some civil standards of service, even from fast food.  I'm generally the type that's extremely polite to the person serving, and I try to be patient.  But this incident has happened several times now and I'm at the point of not going back, except I really like their burgers (LOL), and Wendy's is close and convenient to home and work.  My town has two Wendy's, home near one and work near the other.

This is sort of cross-posted from my journal.  A similar incident happened today.

October 07, 2007
SO ---- they are continuously (sp?) messing up my order.  Here is what I get:
Small #1 with cheese, mayo, tomato
Coke Zero or Coke or water.  

I've switched back to the soda because it's apparently difficult to understand why I would want water in the bigger cup instead of the small-assed cup they give for just a cup of water.  Instead of putting it in your soda cup.  Is that difficult to comprehend?  Apparently it is if your Spanish.  (Sorry but this has happened multiple times otherwise I wouldn't have said that).

Please do not give me:

-2 orders of French Fries

-A root beer


-Bottled Water and then charge me a dollar for it when I didn't ask for bottled water in the first place.  I know the order is $5.35, I will give you perhaps $10.35 (to make it easier for you to make change), and get 5 back.  It's your fault for trying to charge me the extra dollar.  And that's why today I called over the ASM, because of course, as in the last four times, he was a no hablas ingles.  Which I don't have a problem with normally, and I'm pretty patient normally, except in cases like this.  I just feel that if my Spanish isn't good enough to speak it, then I don't speak it...and some of these people I really feel like they shouldn't be put in the position of taking orders if they don't understand the complaint.

Please do not try to charge me




WHEN ALL THE OTHER TIMES IT HAS BEEN $5.35 and I have exact change to prove it, unless it goes up, in which case I ask, but not normally.

When I kindly ask for a receipt  (may I have a receipt please sir? yes I do say sir).

Please stop pretending you don't understand my English and then get me a receipt after you said you didn't understand.

Please stop pretending you don't understand my English when I try to explain there were two French Fries charged and you REPEAT IT BACK TO ME IN ENGLISH...then stand there and do NOTHING.

Grrr...I understand everyone needs a job and that's cool.  But we all need Spanish and English lessons.  I'd take Spanish if it were offered....seriously, I would.

It's gotten to the point where I went to the Wendy's page to make a complaint.  Guess what?  Their complaint section is under construction.  Go figure.  lol.

I love Wendy's because it is so much cleaner than the other fast food places around here and they do a really good, excellent job with the health/cleanliness of the place.  It's nice and generally convenient for me which is why I go. 

Any advice?  lol.

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This isn't absolutely terrible service, but still bad nonetheless. Mom and I were shopping and had to stop for gas. She swiped her card, waited, then tried to pump. Nothing. The pump wouldn't work at all. It didn't start then stop like it does sometimes (because of fumes from your car). It did. not. work.

She canceled the sale and then tried again. Nothing. The people behind us at another pump were also having issues. Mom went inside to find out what was up. They were out of regular unleaded. The attendant also said that cards didn't work on those two pumps (then why did it accept?).

My thing is, I work in customer service. I hate repeating myself. If there is something that isn't working, I'm going to put up some sort of a sign to let people know. Would a sign on the pumps have been so difficult?