November 2nd, 2007


I ordered some D&D miniatures from for my husband for Christmas (we're celebrating on Thanksgiving with his family, because I'm almost 8 months gone with our first kid, and traveling in late December is not something that we want to do). This is not so much a genuine suck as a "get your s**t together!"

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This happened almost a year ago, but I'm still a little irritated by it and am hoping this will be therapeutic.

Last year was my first at my college, and as a new member of the university choir I needed to purchase the black dress we wear for concerts. On one of the bulletin boards in the choir room, people put up contact information to purchase used dresses, and one girl had a dress in my size for $20 (a new dress is $80). So I called her that afternoon and we made arrangements to meet on the benches outside the choir room the next day at 2:00.

I show up around 1:50 with cash in my hot little hand, but time rolls by and by 2:15, I figure she's forgotten. I give her a call, but there's no answer, so I leave a message on her voice mail asking her to call me and we can reschedule. She calls back the next day, and the conversation occurs something like the following:

"Hi, this is *name*, you called about wanting to buy my dress?"

"Oh yeah, hi! I thought we were meeting yesterday but--"

"Yeah, why weren't you there? I waited for, like, fifteen minutes."

"What? I was on the benches outside the choir room at 2:00. Isn't that what you said?"

"*heavy sigh* No, I said meet in the choir room at two. Whatever. Look, do you still want the dress?"

"Um, yeah. Do you want to meet tomorrow?"

"Yeah. Meet me IN THE CHOIR ROOM a little before two. I have a class in there at two, so we can just get this over with before that starts."

"Okay, great. I'll see you--"

"Bye." *click*

So I'm thinking, great, it'll pull through this time and I'll have a dress for 1/4 the cost of a new one. Yeah, she's rude, but she's not in the concert choir so it's not like I'll ever have to see her.

The next day I show up at 1:45 again and make my way to the choir room. Inside they're setting up for the 2:00 class, a small jazz group that is considered to be pretty elite amongst us peons in the regular choirs. After about ten minutes, one of the girls comes up to me and says, nicely, but still with that tinge of condescension, "I'm sorry, but this is a closed rehearsal. You're going to have to leave."

I explained that I was waiting to meet with *name* so I could try on her old dress, and the girl looked at me for a second as if I was crazy. "*Name?*" she says. "She's not coming in today. She has some huge project that she's working on and called me this morning."

So I thank her and get out of there, but inside I'm fuming. She set up this meeting so I could give her money for a dress she's sweated in and she didn't even bother to call me and let me know she couldn't make it. It was just incredibly inconsiderate.

I ended up leaving another message on her phone saying, "Thanks for the effort you put into arranging these meetings, but I've decided to purchase a new dress as it seems I'll have a better chance of actually receiving the merchandise."

She never called me back.